Bridge I with Direct Stream DAC

Hi all,
When I sold my PerfectWave DAC several years ago, I kept the Bridge Mk 1. I have now had the DSD DAC for three or four years without using the Bridge. My question is, does Mk 1 offer me anything with the DSD or should I just go ahead and trade it in for Mk. 2?



Yes, of course it offers you the same thing it did when in the PWD. It’s a DLNA device so any DLNA program/app (like JRiver or Qnap) can talk with it and stream music.

Hi Paul,
Thanks for responding. I get that much about the Bridge I. I guess I was more looking for the salty unofficial perspective of veteran users who have had both in their system. I do recall the mk. 1 having challenges with gapless when I used it, so I
will probably get a mk. 2.

Thanks again for all your great products and support.

Tim Newcomb

You are correct, the Bridge I is not friendly to gapless play. The Bridge II has no problem with gapless play. For me, that fact alone is enough to justify the upgrade.

I’m sure other folks can chime in with their thoughts and opinions. I definitely consider it a worthwhile upgrade, though.

I was a long time Bridge I user but bought Bridge II the minute it came out (would likely buy Bridge III if it wasn’t closed - Octave is going to be a tough sell for me).

There’s no way I can remember if Bridge I sounded worse or not. My memory is they sound the same: however, the lack of gapless was frustrating. PS Audio promised all kinds of solutions that never materialized. I’m pretty certain that network discovery of Bridge II is way better than Bridge I, although, I did mange just fine with Bridge I using elyric and eventually JRiver.

Bridge Mk II is better, operationally, across the board. I don’t recall a material change in sound quality, but (IME) Mk II is more stable - in terms of connectivity - and gapless is one of those things you might not have missed; but once it works, you will not think you could do without.