PS audio GCPH with my setup?

I’m using a Rega P3 with Hana SL cartridge currently hooked up to a Reisong 2A3 SET Wharfedale E30 speakers and a project tube box s2.

The setup sounds fantastic. I’m curious about the PS audio phono since I’ve seen one for Sale in Singapore. But will it be overkill for my system or will I be seeing a night and day difference upgrading ?

I am unfamiliar with the Project phono preamp but I have an RP3 with ALL of the Groovetracer mods, a TTPSU and the Elys2 cartridge AND the NuWave phono converter and I feel it is a very good match. It is especially useful for me because I now listen via I2S into the PS Audio DSD DAC converting the analog output to DSD, and the sound is great, but it is also great from the analog outputs. I don’t believe this is overkill at all–in fact I believe these turntables can hold up to even finer phono preamps.

Thanks just wondering how much more of a sonic improvement over my project tube box s2 I will be getting.

Hopefully there is someone who has experience with both who can help you out in that regard.

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I presume a GCPH will not be expensive (especially compared with the latest phono stage). I’ve used a GCPH with MM cartridges, a Decca and now an Audio Technica AT-OC9XSL MC cartridge and although there’s not a lot of gubbins in a GCPH I think the sound is fantastic.

[Update: I use the balanced outs of the GCPH]

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