PS Audio IV preamplifier

Found a used one for a decent price anything I should worry about?
I’m mainly looking to upgrade my phono currently using a Yamaha CX800 which has both MM:MC Capabilities.
Anyone with input please let me know if this is a good investment.
Rest of the system consist of Anthem Statement P5 driving B&W Matrix 802 series 3’s.
Rega Planar 3 with a Denon MC.

I had these for a couple of decades, I wore them out. Use the passive line stage if you can. It should outperform your existing Yamaha. The passive mode is ultra quiet and less noise means more sonic details. I bought different value Metal film resisters from a local electical supply shop to load my MC cartridge. The PS IVH is the one that was highly reviewed. The serial number will end with “H”, and the electrical outlets will be on the external power supply. This was the piece that made me PS Audio believer from back in the 80s. I ran this with an Acoustat TNT120 MOSFET amp driving Vandersteen 2Cs.

I discovered later that it responded well to an old Transparent Powerbank Ultra. Gave sound more body, fullness. Cheers! :beers:

I have a IV-H with a bum power supply sitting in a closet. Recently found a 4.6 that I got just because I remember the IV-H phono stage was nice. The 4.6 came with the 250 power supply while the IV-H had a 500 which I believe was optional for the 4.6. Does anyone know if the 250 would work with the IV-H?