PS Audio Music Server In The Pipeline?


My ripping plan is to listen to - rip - sort.
As I rip I plan to sort.
would donate the ‘ordinary’ to the op shop.
Will keep the great & the good just in case.
Would like to do my ripping (CD & vinyl) to the highest standard possible so that I will never need to do it again.
I am attracted to Paul’s idea of generating the best possible ripping machine - fits in with my idea of getting it (almost or better) perfect the first (and only) time.
I am happy to wait if that is what I need to get the best possible system!
I would guess that there are a fair number of people in my boat.


If you are planning on ripping SACD somehow and have the means to do so and your playback method is a server or computer than there’s probably no reason to get a DMP.

If you want the best sounding performance from actually playing that SACD then the DMP is your best option. It smokes the way am Oppo sounds.


Paul - that’s kind of a fascinating statement. Can you or someone else go into more detail on that calibration - how and why it needs to be done, or is it proprietary? Does it/can it affect operation?

Could the hand calibration contribute to why there seems to be a bit of variability in function of the drive from unit to unit? It’s hard to tell from subjective anecdotal evidence whether these variations are just “one man’s ‘the drawer takes forever to open’ is another man’s, ‘works snappily’” - or if you put a timer on it, they all in fact work about the same. Just have never understood why, when my only option is to hit the big “Open Drawer”/eject icon, with no disc in the unit, it does not happen instantly as it does with the hard buttons on every Oppo I have owned.

And sorry - just realized this is not an actual DMP thread.


I don’t know the specifics but I do know they are hand tuned to each board. The drives are quite reliable. Better than any I have ever seen. But, on occasion, we have to replace one it has to be tuned. The factory trained our folks and I’ve watched the techs and engineers do it, though I am ashamed to say I don’t know myself how to do it.


No worries. It’s usually the carburetor ; )


NIce to know the Oppo drives are reliable. Wondering what the Mean Time to Failure is for these things? In other words, what’s the life expectancy of a DMP?


There’s a potentially weighty inference there – if you have the same music on both shiny discs and digital files - then there is no reason to get a DMP? I thought the sound quality of the DMP still bested the Octave. Unless that has changed, then that would seem to be a pretty good reason for a DMP.


You are right in that currently there’s nothing I know of that can best DMP for sound quality of a digital recording. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be something better. In fact, I am counting on it.

The Octave Server will somehow best the performance of DMP or we won’t release it.


I heard the MSB Select Transport with powerbase and Pro ISL module today. Sounded OK to me, but it is 7 times the price of DMP. I should have taken my DMP for an A/B.


Wow, Paul. That last sentence is quite a statement! I’m not about to bet against you : )


Thanks, Mark. I am, however, cheating just a little. I got to hear about 30 seconds of a new prototype Digital Lens output board Bob Stadtherr designed connected to the Octave server prototype on familiar CD music and was stunned at how much better it sounded than the same disc played on DMP - that was until it up and died. Oh well. We now know it is possible. Bob’s working on the rebuild.


Exciting stuff! As long as you can get it to work for more than 30 seconds ; )


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I really expected this. We argued long time why streamed files should sound better than discs, then the DMP came with an improved digital lens and it turned around…so maybe it’s my little technical understanding simplifying things and having expected the next lens development won’t make it into another drive but a streamer :wink:

I hope we’ll have a good part of it in the Bridge III, too.


Well one would hope it is in the DMP II…


If a DMP II is without SACD playback it’s a different animal anyway…interesting for a different clientele … sooner or later those people will rip/buy downloads anyway I’m sure…


For sure. In fact I’m not sure if it would be fish or fowl. One of the major deals was that it played SACD discs, and so was great for those of us with large SACD libraries, as well as for those who had no interest, etc. In ripping SACDs to .dff. I would think there would be a lot fewer takers without that capability, but for all I know there were only ten of us in the first place ; )

Unless of course the lack of licensing cost, gen II tech, etc. makes the thing significantly more affordable.


sure…but a drive unit, even when inheriting gen II tech, that cuts one from all hires except a few DVD-A? In my mind such drives are really just for people who don’t want to rip and take the compromises of redbook resolution…I just wonder why those then should care about gen II tech.


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