PS Audio Music Server In The Pipeline?


Agreed - EAC and a cheap computer is all you need for ripping. For backups - an inexpensive automated solution or cloud storage like Google Drive is also cheap if you’re afraid your house is going to burn down. One thing I do miss is liner notes and original art work. Similar to holding an album in your hand. Would be great to get that on the iPad seamlessly when I choose music to listen to. I haven’t spent a lot of time exploring that but I’m sure it’s on the horizon…


Kaleidescape Premiere does that, if you wanted to go in that direction.


That’s great info thanks - I’ll check it out.


Just be aware it needs to be out of the Premiere product line, the (cheaper) Encore product line doesn’t support music playback.


ok - you know if there’s a free trial for this?


The app is free, the hardware is not. Although if you contact a dealer they might be able to loan you the hardware on a free trial.


ok thx


Ok. That makes sense. Will the Octave server have a IS2 input or will you send all IS2 outputs strait to the Directstream DAC? Because I would have NPC, DMP, then Octave server. I’m going talk my wife into getting a Directstream DAC and DMP for Christmas.


That’s great! The Octave server is another input for the DirectStream DAC in the same way as the NPC and DMP and so this may be a problem since the DS only have two I2S inputs. Fortunately, each of the sources has other outputs to use as well. So, depending on your priorities you can assign the most used and important sources to use I2S and the least used of the three to another form of input like coax.



I know that yourself (and most folk) are not really convinced about Bob Suart’s MQA, its lossy status etc but anyhow. Is the upcoming Octave gonna be able to read / decode MQA files directly without converting etc?

Just bought Supertramp’s Japanese edition of “Breakfast in America” by Supertramp. It’s the first MQA shiny disc I ever got and was wondering if I could in theory transfer it to the Octave and then have my DSjr recognise it and play it as a MQA?



I think so, as a courtesy to those customers who want it. I think Bridge II does it right now, so it’d be an added function if you really really want it. At this level of playback clarity you don’t need it, but it’s there if you have it already and want to play the files you already bought.


That’s briliant SSW, thanks for replying. Got a DSjr (Bridge II), already subscribed to Tidal Master, play with it everyday etc but I’ve come across these new Japanese discs (joint MQA / ultra HQ labels) and will be purchasing a few more, see how they behave when our much-awaited Octave is out!


Other than the proposed Bridge III, the Octave servers will be standalone devices that should be able to feed all kinds of DACs. Since MQA is supposed to be DAC-specific, how would they build MQA into the server? Bridge II could be made to work with MQA because it is built into the DS and DS Jr.


Found these Japanese MQA CDs for sale in Hong Kong recently - 30 titles available so far.


My guess is that so long as the files are copied to a music server using a “bit-perfect” mode (.wav ?), MQA integrity will be preserved.


Hi John, yes that’s the line exactly! Just found 7-8 today here in my country and bought them all as they’re ultra hard to get.

Envy you for those Straits discs, big time! :slight_smile:


I would suppose that too John, maybe PS could confirm / rectify for us. In any case there’s always the UHQCD which should sound great if not better than MQA. Very likely better.


I enjoy how the audiophile warhorse, Rebecca Pidgeon’s The Raven, is front and center. They know their market.


What do you play these discs on, folks?


My plan is to transfer them onto the Octave as it comes out :slight_smile: Then I2S to the DSjr.