PS Audio Music Server In The Pipeline?


So you don’t currently have a way of playing them? Or are folks ripping them, and the rips work? Why not downloads?

This is just curiosity. I’m not interested in the format or codec, so feel free to ignore me. Just wondering if the disc purchasers have some sort of MQA Disc Player.


Yes an Oppo 95 and an Olive 04HD. Both play my Supertramp disc, but obviously neither should be playing back MQA as they are not able. I don’t think the 95 is, as I never had performed firmware upgrades of any kind.

It will be crazy intriguing for me when the Octave is out, to be able to transfer to it a variety of tracks in whatever format including from my SACD’s, K2’s, HQCD’s, DVD-A’s as well as these few MQA ones. If anything for the sake of comparing and quench one’s curiosity.

Please excuse any errors or imperfections with the English, it is not my mother tongue.


Anyone have an idea of Octave’s cost? How about a release date? I’m convincing myself I want a server and would wait for Octave if it’s soon and priced right (to me). I was expecting around the price of a DMP, or perhaps a little less.



If you search the forum, you may find the date that Paul has out out there. My guess is another year. I’ve just renewed Roon for another year instead of getting lifetime in anticipation of Octave.


-Maybe 2nd quarter of 2019?

-US$ 6k-ish, hopefully slightly less


That’s about right on both accounts. At least that’s what we’re hoping for.


Hah! That’s good. Catchy tag line. I am guessing now a little less than a lifetime, something closer to the second quarter of 2019.


Yup, that’ll be it’s price range and we’re shooting for the second quarter of 2019.


I just struggle a bit with Jriver to care that if I move files to another directory, the library isn’t updated in a way that all those moved files show up as newly added again in „recent albums“ views.

I just tell this as an example, which kind of library and import functionality is quite important if one comes to this point.