PS Audio Music Server In The Pipeline?


Once I understood what people are doing it made perfect sense to allow playlists well beyond 999. :slight_smile:


Oh yea!


I’m just amazed someone can/will create a list that large. But if there is a need I’m sure PSA will try to build it.


I want to listen to a radio station, not be the disk-jockey.


This is a good way to put it.

Even though this is not for me, I understand why this is appealing.

It is god to make these wishes known now when the programmer is still working on the initial firmware.


Not that amazing. I have a list of approximately 2500 songs that I regularly shuffle and play often. It’s my “Best Of” list. I add songs that I like as I listen to whole albums. JRiver/JRemote make it easy to do so.


It is a rather interesting use case, I must admit: a playlist (which implies curation, choice, and a fixed universe) meets a very broad assortment (which limits choice except for a fairly broad parameter) meets random selection (which introduces elements of surprise in a known universe). I guess we live in a Burger King world where we all can “have it our way.” Party on!


Paul, have you tried AURALiC’s Lightening DS?


No, I have not.


Another. It could access files in googledrive doing my private streaming service. Roon do this already but only with dropbox. And I have unlimited space in gdrive.


I hope it would be 4-5k range. Its a server and DS has a good immunity to bad servers.
I will need a good reason to let aside my macmini > sotm chain (sNh-10G switch>sMS200ultra>TXUSBultra) > Ds sr


Paul Lightening DS is worth looking at. Reviewers have suggested that sound quality is better than ROON. I don’t know how sq is effected by an app, but hay.
GUI is the best I’ve seen and works very intuitively. You will need a Auralic product and it will only work with a Apple tablet or phone.
If you make a better app than I think you will have hit the jackpot and will have queues around the block trying to buy your streamer.


Suggest offering two options: stripped down one with I2S only output for DS use; fuller one with multiple outputs. Don’t bother developing an OS, just offer Roon trial or if you must have an OS pay someone to use a well respected/existing OS. Simply allow for external plug-ins of music drives.


The goals of the PS Audio server are to present the best sound, clothed in the best interface, all within PS Audio’s control. Adopting Roon would defeat all three goals.


I agree with you on “all within PS Audio’s control”. The other two are up to each individual’s interpretation.


Of course, obviously.

But these remain the driving forces behind PS Audio’s work.

Also keep in mind that many here, and elsewhere, find Roon compromises the sound.


Yes I know many people who don’t like Roon or whatever the product is. And there isn’t anything wrong with that. But by that same measure there are people here and elsewhere that feel the opposite. I’m sure PSA will make the best product they can and I’m sure it will be a great product.


When Roon’s sound has been discussed, the opinion is near universal among those with an opinion that Roon’s sound quality is compromised. There are those who think it sounds fine. There are also those who find the sound quality below par, but feel the interface is worth it. No one, to my recollection, claims Roon’s sound quality is best in class.

If PS Audio’s server only sounds as good as Roon it would be a failure. I am certain PS Audio would not release such a product. Similarly, if the interface only meets Roon’s standard it will have have fallen short.


In an effort to stop going round and round we can agree to disagree. I have read plenty of articles that rave about Roon sound/interface. Yesterday’s state of the art isn’t always that great today.

If PSA goal is to produce something better than Roon they have lost the war. I hope their goal is to produce the best sounding product they can.


I think that PSA always tries to make the best sounding product that they can - and still stay within the price point target.