PS Audio Music Server In The Pipeline?


Paul can you give us an update on Development progress? Have you had another listen to the hardware? Is so what are you thoughts so far?

How is the software coming along? Are you still hoping to release a product in the First Quarter 2019?



Beat me to it !
Wa about to ask the same questions!


Hey guys, thanks for asking. We’re still mired in the UI UX discussions but making good progress. Finally. For the hardware there’s the new output board and it is finished but not yet installed. Got waylaid by the move. The new SOM carrier boards are finished and Matt’s chosen the SOM of choice - killer SOM that has about 10X the horsepower we could even possibly need - as he describes it, “total overkill” which I LOVE! I have not ye been able to hear anything more. Sadly. I really had my heart set on using the prototype at RMAF but it’s not going to happen. I am still hopeful for first quarter 2019 but the hope dims a bit after the developments or lack of them.


Have you considered a dual chassis? A few of these are popping up on the market.


Paul - Has PSA revisited the convolution filter addition? I’d like to understand if we would be able to use convolution filtering. I believe this question was asked a while back.


Paul, Please - what we need is a full court press here. My wife is talking about a freeze on any further upgrades to my system until I get a server. At AXPONA it was by the end of this year, now its 1Q2019 looks like it is slipping. This is not good news. :frowning_face:


Sorry Tony, we’re trying but….


@paul - I was holding out for the PSA server till I found out there would be no convolution filtering. I then went the Roon Nucleus+ route. Sad! All my “tronics” are PSA and I wanted to keep it PSA… love PSA “tronics”…


I have read there are different I2S standard in the market ? I just thought it would be nice if the new PSA server will be switchable to accommodate these different standards. The Wyred4Sound music server has this feature to accommodate the I2S input of its own DAC and those of PSA. Its spec says this: “I²S switchable from W4S to PS Audio compatible”. Would be great if PSA server can do the same.


I wonder can we have an update and maybe even tentative release dates (even the month would do!) of both the ‘ripper’ and the ‘ripper-less’ versions.
Am still following the progress with great interest.


Happy to hear progress is being made on Octave, Appears Aries G2 with Lightning DS interface is receiving good reviews but after scouring the G2 pdf manual and Auralic’s site, the reliance on Wifi and IOS for interface just keeps me waiting for Octave. I wouldn’t mind an Octave GUI that interfaces with JRiver where I have a hundred hours of assembling playlists already, At the very least an Android based interface offering would be a preference. Being forced into the Apple ecosystem to control one’s library of music keeps me waiting… Patience is genius or so the saying goes…


No problem. Octave will be available via Apple and Android right off the bat.


Will the new servier have an ethernet port? Having two systems, both with Directream Srs, I would like to be able to run the new server to my router to be able to stream to the second Directstream.


Hey Paul! As I am a Roon love, I fear I have to pay for something I will not use.
I loved the way you build DS, I could choose don’t have Bridge II because I already have SOTM Network combo.

I’m looking for THE ONE SERVER TO RULE THEM ALL because it there many overpriced server out there, which are basically computers in beautiful solid cases. Of course we have great products like Auralic Aries G1 and G2, Aurenders, etc, designed from scratch.

As I have the opinion a server is responsible to no more than 10% of Sound Quality when using DS and a network interface, because that I’m looking for a device future proof (upgradeable), room ready, with clean and great Power Supply, that’s all.

The main question is: What can you offer us on PSAudio server that we can not find in others solutions?


Actually all the difficulty issues raised can be solved by learning code if enough data is available, witness how Spotify or Amazon work.


I’d like to raise three requests for the server:

  • Document a free-to-use API that allows third-party SW to create and edit playlists, so that someone could develop, for example, a learning algorithm that would learn user prefs and make customized playlists or play track recommendations directly from Tidal/Qobuz without a playlist at all. This would be unique in the industry, and a real asset for your server - make it a platform for other developers, not just a fixed-function server.
    You can never predict how customers will want to use your product, but you can make it accessible for extension by others.

  • Long playlists, on the order of 10K tracks - none of this 999 track limit stuff,

  • Real on-demand real randomization of tracks, so a Shuffled playlist doesn’t repeat the same sequence every time you Shuffle it,

  • If it has to have playlists, allow intermixing tracks from local storage, Qobuz, and Tidal, and perhaps even allow the user to specify the percentage of tracks from each source when Shuffle is invoked?


One detail makes Roon interesting is metadata.
All texts are taken from
Suggestions of similiar artists, tidal database integration, lyrics, possibility to use Hqplayer embedded (bypassing roon player, letting kust controlling).

The infos some kind recreates the old experience in reading vinyl albums.

I know your a hardware company not a software company, but whats make Roon greats is not the sound but the experience.

Actually Im using Roon only to control music. The real player is Hqplayer.


Wow 10K tracks in a playlist. I guess I use playlist differently as I see 999 as a crazy amount. I just looked and my largest playlist is 139 tracks and I never make it to the end.


I have seen this request before. Apparently some create monstrous playlists and use random playback. This way the have nearly endless music they like, and enjoy the little surprise when each track appears.

I am the opposite; I have never created a playlist. I listen to albums from beginning to end, nothing deleted or randomized.


some create monstrous playlists and use random playback

Exactly my goal.