PS Audio Music Server In The Pipeline?


I think, even with all the issues that people have written about, that for 1350 GBP I would take a shot. It’s almost an arbitrage position if you don’t like it someone would buy it for more than that. Of course, as my wife like to point out, I am probably wrong…


Hi Paul,

A bit of a detailed question. I run a Roon Rock on an Intel NUC. I put it in a fanless case and am thinking of buying a SSD to get rid of the noise from the hard disk. If I do this would you think that as long as the NUC was on the network that the eventual Bridge III would be able to access the music off the SMB share ignoring Roon altogether.

Basically I am trying to make sure I don’t keep throwing money at Roon if eventually I will get the Bridge III only to find out the music and hardware wont work with the Bridge.

Does that make sense?


My understanding of Bridge III is that it will have USB port that will allow connection on an external drive. It will be able read the music files directly from that drive, thereby eliminating the need for any type of PC.



Thanks Magicknow, so I would be able to use the drive but just mount it in one of those cases that would hook to usb I suppose. So no one can use their own NAS on a network then?


I am not sure what they will allow over the network , I would be surprised if they don’t support connection to a NAS. I am hoping that in addition to Tidal and Qobuz they allow connection to Dropbox.

I have all my music backup in the cloud on Dropbox. I use BubblePNP to access those files and play them through the Bridge II, It sounds great.


I use the Qobuz OSX app a lot. You can set it to automatically add new choices to your offline library. It is very quick veto clear the library, but it means it gives you quick access to recently listened stuff and you don’t use bandwidth to platy it again.

The app had uPnP built in so you can send 24/192 streams from a mac, not limited to 16/44 of Airplay. The uPnP is beta as being an open protocol it cannot be guaranteed to work on all devices, but Qobuz have asked for all error reports so they can get it working as widely as possible.

I use bubble uPnP as well from an Amazon tablet, but the Quboz OSX app is much better.


I think I would get lumbered with it. I was lucky to get 50% back on selling my PWD Mk2, but could not sell my P3 for 40% of new cost. The few items on HiFi Shark are the UK distributor and a main dealer selling off some old stock, and a few old Mk 1 Sprouts. Anyway, all my CDs and SACDs are boxed up and stored in the loft and I have no racks of physical media in my listening room.


I also burn and store, so I do understand what you mean. I just had never heard someone offer a DMP for 1350 before! My excitement may have gotten the better of me


You can try to use the bubbleupnp “share” feature. It is very user friendly and allow you to use the Qobuz android app to discover and select the music, and bubble will control the Bridge.

This is my favourite setup when using Qobuz. The Qobuz implementation in bubble is pretty limited compared to the app itself.


Here is my abbreviated history with digital: It was over a decade after the release of CD before I bought my first player a Linn Karik & Numerik in 1994… By invitation from my then HiFi Dealer in October 1982 I attended a lecture and demonstration by Philips in the George hotel in Edinburgh… This was a precursor to the launch of CD - but due to several delays - arrived over a year later in late 83 early 84… I must say I was less than impressed by what I heard at that first encounter in Edinburgh, as were most others sitting in the suite where the demo took place… Yes - it was dead silent - but it wasn’t remotely musical, just a relentless noise assaulting my ear drums and senses… The room was blamed, how the rest of the equipment wasn’t up to the task due to the highly revealing nature of this revolutionary, ‘perfect sound forever’ digital source and how it was simply high-lighting all that came after it, all the inadequacies of everything else in the room - which possibly included the listeners….

After the players hit the shelves: One major problem discovered ‘amongst the many’ was that the preamps of the day made by the likes of top UK amplifier manufacturers like Naim, etc. simply weren’t up to it. Naim’s 125mV & 150mV line-level input sensitivity couldn’t cope with the 2+ volt output of a CD player… At best one could use only the first 10% of the preamp volume control. There was no-way the preamp could be set at the 12oclock position allowing a level of control in either direction. So, when a CD player was connected to a preamp it was either ‘too loud or off’ !! Hence the music had no dynamic range, just this dynamic overload of the amplifiers, etc… The music came screaming out of the speakers like a banshee… When something loud occurred within the music all the quiet stuff got swamped and lost, missing information and detail. Zero dynamic range !! I simply hated CD for years to the point I just swerved it and kept playing LP records on my 4 record decks with different arms and cartridges… It wasn’t a case of the first generation CD players not being close to vinyl, they simply weren’t on the same planet!

But with time as CD players gestated and improved I started to hear aspects from CD that I hadn’t 11 years previously… My first venture into digital was when I bought a Linn Karik & Numerik, - 5 years later a Linn CD-12 – which then, and by a distance, was the best CD player I’d heard: that was until I bought the Rega Isis CD players, both the SS and tube versions. And, as good as they were and they were bloody good, they didn’t come remotely close to the DMP & DS… DMP was the first product where I ceased to play vinyl for weeks / then months. I still play vinyl (sold 3 decks), with the right album there is something magical with the black stuff, a sound etched into my soul !

But I take your point about streaming… Yes, still early days when one considers how long CD took for me to “fully” appreciate (35 years) what it was capable of… I gave away all my streaming paraphernalia to my pals then 13 year old grandkid who was recovering from cancer. I got more pleasure from seeing the smile on his face than I ever got from playing music via the streaming devices…! Who knows, I might revisit streaming in the future but as it stands I am incredibly happy with the DMP & DS for the digital, and still playing vinyl at the weekends…

I have vast libraries with more than enough vinyl, CD & SACDs to see me out… The big plus for me with the DMP is its uncanny ability to pull music out of the pits on a Redbook CD… Ultra special quality !! I buy mint condition used CDs from Musicmagpie - that all the streamers sold on !

You are happy with you streaming and that’s great. And I am happy with my lot. At the end of the day it’s all about contentment… With regards to our HiFi’s and music, we should only care about what we like in our life not what anybody else thinks we should like…!


Yes, it does. Octave will be able to access any network share without a problem, plus it’ll have its own SSD inside.


That is correct. It will have a USB port to connect any size HD share. As well, it will have built in wifi (we hope) and the ability to connect to any network share as well.


thanks Paul does the Network share include Cloud drives like Dropbox?

Also what is the status of the hardware any idea when you will be able to get a listen?



I remember an earlier comment you made that the latest digital lens technology will be incorporated in Octave so SQ should match or exceed that of the DMP. Am I correct.


I guess WiFi module would be possible to deactivate due to possible bad influence to sound?


Great story and historical visit, Dirk.


I also remember Paul saying the there would be an improved Digital Lens in the Bridge III but that the big brother Octave should sound better based on the ability to totally isolate the computer from the analog circuits


After reading you use cloud drives I posed that question to the engineering team. We’ll see if that’s easy or hard. Seems easy enough.

The hardware’s “done” though it’s currently so complex we can’t get a musical signal through it. The programmers are working on the device tree to see if they can’t solve the problem.



Sound like you are at the same stage as Ted with the TSS :slight_smile:


Thank you Paul. Just to make sure, would Bridge III function the same as Octave and be able to also see all shares? I would assume so, but just wanted to make sure.

I really appreciate your one on one approach with the forum, it is truly unique and amazing!!