PS Audio Noise Harvester Light Not Blinking


So I have 5 PS Audio Noise Harvesters. I noticed that 2 are not blinking. When I take a known blinking Noise Harvester and plug it in an outlet with a non blinking Noise Harvester it starts to do its thing and blink.

Does this mean the 2 Noise Harvesters are not working or is it a bad LED?


Two of my original five Noise Harvesters have died over the years. One partially melted while in the socket. If you suspect one isn’t working or is behaving oddly, get rid of it.


Thanks PB. I’m wondering if there is a warranty?


Our products are warranted for 3 years from date of purchase. We’d be happy to replace the Harvester for you if you’re in the US. If outside you’ll have to speak to your dealer.


Thanks Paul…unfortunately I have them over 3 years.


Did you ever hear any difference with them?


I absolutely hear a difference. I live in NYC and the blue light would blink very often at times.

I had all 5 Harvesters plugged in various outlets in my listening room. Even with only 3 working the noise floor was lower creating more detail and separation.


Contact our service department and ask for Jeremy. Tell him I said it’s ok to replace the broken ones for free despite they are out of warranty.


Thanks so much Paul. That’s very generous of you! I appreciate the outstanding customer service.