P20 Customer Service

Purchased 2 P20s in May.

One emitted a buzzing sound from the beginning, audible from the listening position… Support initially said it was normal; it took pushing back and posting to this forum to get a replacement. And despite being told I would go to the front of the line, it took 3 weeks to get a replacement.

My second one is now having a display problem – display is flickering, visible (and annoying) from the listening position. Color is washed out compared to the other unit. Something is wrong… Submitted a support ticket Fri morning, and have heard literally nothing back.

Problems happen – what matters is how they are handled. Why does it now require complaining on a public forum in order to get decent customer service? Really shouldn’t be this way.


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Buzzing certainly isn’t normal. When my P3 started buzzing I had it repaired. A noisy power plant is cause for investigation (and so is the screen issue).


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Hello me1,

I am sorry to hear that you are having trouble with your P20.
Rest assured that we want very much to get this taken care of as quickly as possible.
I cannot explain how your service request was not answered in a timely manner and want to apologize for this.

Please contact me directly at jeremyb@psaudio.com with the nit’s serial number.
I will be happy to get this taken care of your you right away.
Kind wishes,

  • Jeremy

Will do, but the point remains – did you not receive the ticket I submitted on the site? If you did, when was someone going to get around to responding? If you didn’t, seems like there’s a problem with that support form. Either way something to look into.

Coming up on a month since my P20 broke and don’t have it back yet.

Got an email from PS Audio more than a week after they received it for repair saying they had received it for repair…

Great products (when they work), but the customer experience for me at least hasn’t been terribly good.

Really? I am truly sorry. This makes no sense since we don’t normally take anywhere near that length off time. Can you contact us directly? You can email me paul@psaudio.com or
service@psaudio.com and we’ll figure out what’s happened.

I have had great customer service when I call PS Audio. I believe you should do that first and them email as needed.