Noise Harvester and my P20

Just an observation that with the P20 my noise harvesters blink very rapidly unlike with the P10 I traded in. Must be some feed back from the P20? Any other ideas?

Have you tried disabling the P20 display?

Will give it a try and let you know. Thanks

No change with the display off or on both the same.Noise harvesters continue to blink like mad in the same room as the P20.The P20 continues to work it’s magic. The P20 is on a dedicated 20amp line.

Actually found out that the rapid blinking of the noise harvester light went away when I removed the power cord from the P20 to a power base. DMP and DSD are now directly to the P 20 with normal blinking of the noise harvester light. I am happy now.

Very interesting observation @babs075. I have a Powerbase plugged into my P10 with three Noise Harvesters on a non-dedicated circuit that I recently added. I wonder what it is about the Powerbase that was causing such a ruckus on your P20?

What is a Powerbase…?

Here you go.

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Sometimes less is better!