PS Audio, please fix this Power Plant bug!

I’m not sure how this would make a difference but during my test, I was not hitting the logo button before slipping the power switch. Maybe that’s part of it?

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I could try that, but I wonder if @Elk and @RonP also didn’t use the front button?

My unit remembers its programming whether is is first turned off using the front logo button, or whether turned off directly with the rear switch. Notably it also retains its programming when to power suddenly is lost (I experience a lot of utility power outages).

I always hit standby before powering anything off with the main switch.

Well then, @jamesh, it seems I have a problem. Is there a way I can force reflash the FW for the P20?

Given this information from @Elk, and others, it seems to me @tony22 you have a defective piece of software in your kit or a mechanical issue of some sort.

Does not seem like a bug - rather, something to be fixed.

Best of luck to you.

Sigh. I got this P20 directly from PS Audio! :confounded:

I just emailed some force files. :crossed_fingers: it helps.



(no condescension intended)


Um, which way does the SD card go in on the P20? Upside down or right side up?

I don’t have a P20, but SD cards are supposed to only fit in one direction. They are “keyed” with a diagonal notch, so it should be obvious when you have it properly seated.

Yep, I’m aware of this, but the DS DAC is notorious for having its SD card slot oriented so that that card is inserted upside down. Just want to find out if the Power Plant is the same way.

Hi Tony …any good news using the files jamesh sent you?

Just hankering to hear good news regarding your situation.

Best wishes friend

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I’m afraid not, Dave. :expressionless: I reflashed with James’ files, reset my timings, powered it off and back on, and Zones C and D once again weirdly switched to 9 and 69 seconds.


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Sounds like it needs to be “hospitalized” at the world’s reknown
best electronic’s facility treatment center… for evaluation…and
operation…PS Audio emergency room services…

Best wishes Tony

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Thanks David. I’ve already PM’d James with questions on how to proceed. We’ll see on Monday what the next steps will be.


Just sent a response.

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