PS Audio, please fix this Power Plant bug!

I’ve talked about it in other threads, but this is so annoying down here in Florida that I’m getting a little ticked. :confounded: It’s the problem of the Power Group Delay Timing getting lost when the main AC to the PP is removed. I know turning off the PP via the front blue button retains the programmed values, but here in the lightning capital of the U.S. we often have to disconnect our precious gear from wall AC power when it gets bad out there (as it is right now). Yes, I first turned off my P20 via the front button, but as soon as I toggle the back rocker and then unplug it from the wall, it’s all gone! :expressionless: Can’t you guys fix this? The digital streaming part of my system is, for some reason, really timing sensitive to its start up sequencing. Do you all know how annoying it is to have to bring up my system twice, or even more times, after plugging it all back in because of all the group timings being screwed up after plugging the P20 back in? Do you know how many lightning storms we get around these parts? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’m asking the forum members here, if they agree with seeing this as a problem that needs fixing, to hit the “Like” :heart: so it gets more attention. Thanks.

@jamesh , @Paul, can’t this be fixed?

I don’t use this feature at home so I’m not familiar with the issue you’re having. I just tested on a P20 we have here in the office and it retained the info when I flipped the rocker switch + unplugging for a bit. Are others having this problem?

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My P20 retains its programming when power is removed.


Really? Mine doesn’t. Or rather, it does for Group B. But C, D, and E just get set to random values.

Hmm, I just tested again. All zones behave the exact same. They all remember what I told them to do.

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Any chance you can check with the tech gang to see if this sounds like anything they know about?

I just asked around the office and they have never run into this.

Oh boy. That’s not good. :pleading_face:

Just a thought tony22…power off your P20 using the the switch on the back
leaving the front alone no touchy…then leave your P20 off for a couple of hours
to let it the unit settle down and caps discharge.

My P15 did something fluky when I powered off with the remote and then flipped the off
switch in the back of the unit…and powered right back on again. Suspecting the firmware
had either not sequenced off properly or booted back up incorrectly…I powered back off for
using ONLY the back switch a couple of hours…that did the trick for mine…

As in all things ymmv …but do give this, give it another power off using back on/off switch
only then leave the P20 off for a couple of hours…then power on again using only the
rear switch …don’t monkey with the front on/off switch…let the P20 cycle itself up
completely on it’s own till the outlets show up on the screen and wait till they sequence
through the programming you set earlier…Hopefully this will work for you.

Best wishes friend


Thanks David. At the moment my P20 is still unplugged. Winds are really whipping around and some nearby neighborhoods have reported power outages. It’s got plenty of time to discharge before I’m going to plug it back in! :slightly_smiling_face:

May it go well with you tony…
Best wishes

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Here’s a long shot, do you have the latest software version?
Looks like 1.25 is the latest.
I should update mine, it is still at 1.22.

I thought I did. I’ll have to check when I turn it back on.

This was the only other thing I could think it is. I don’t remember this ever being mentioned in FW release notes but my memory is only so good.

I just tried my P20 and it came back exactly as it left.

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I have 1.25. Turned it on. Times were messed up. :sob:

Sorry my suggestion didn’t work…but just one more thing maybe…
while i haven’t seen one, a factory reset button to reset the entire unit back
to original factory settings …if there is such might could prove helpful…

Maybe jamesh might know of such.

Best wishes

Yes, actually there is one on one of the main panel pages. Have to look again to see where it is. I had wondered about that option as well. May as well give it a try.

Different question for anyone - what does the Unit Lockout option do on the Web Configuration page?

It seems every one has has so many Web issues. I leave mine disconnected from ethernet that firmware version is 1.22 on mine. But that is only one element of overall firmware.

I would be looking at Main firmware configuration. I would think that has your control software giving you fits.

I have more info.

From the page accessed from the :grey_exclamation: (in a circle) icon, I selected Restore Defaults. The P20 reset and all the numbers went back to their stock values. I went into setup and set Zones B, C, and D each to Programmed with their desired start up times. I shut down the P20 via the Blue button, waited for my various linear supplies to completely discharge, and turned the P20 back on. All operated as expected.

After everything came back up I turned it off via Blue button again, but then turned it completely off via the rear paddle switch. Unplugged it from the wall. Plugged it back in, turned on paddle switch, waited for initialization to complete, started via Blue button. Messed up.

I did this whole Restore Defaults sequence more than once, and here’s what I found. Zone B does in fact always recover correctly to its Programmed time, but Zones C and D do not. They always somehow Program to (respectively) 9 seconds and 69 seconds. Always. It’s like those numbers are somehow switched into those Zones when main power is removed and restored. I’m stumped.

Oh, I set the Programmed times via the P20 front panel and not via the Web interface.

@jamesh, if you could run this past the PP techies I’d appreciate it.