Request for Powerplant bug fix

@Paul, @jamesh, please can we have a fix for the seemingly random changes to outlet group startup times every time the PP is toggled from the back panel? I have three outlet groups set to PROGRAMMED, with each group set to a specific time. When I’ve turned off the P20 via the back toggle, then back on, those times change somehow to other numbers. This is a real PITA. Please see if this can be fixed.


What happens when you use the front and then the rear? Do the times remain unchanged?

You mean cycle the groups off from the front, then toggle off from the rear? :thinking: I don’t know, haven’t tried that yet. But even if it works, I won’t accept that as a solution for two reasons. First, I live in Florida, by all accounts the lightning capital of the country. When a storm rolls in and I need to off the gear, I want to do it quickly. Second and related, there are times when the power will go out unexpectedly (no matter where one might live). That’s the equivalent of a back panel toggle. When the power comes back up - poof! - all the timings are changed.

I agree with you. I was just curious about the scenario I outlined.


TJ from PSA remarked in another thread that your suggested approach should work. :+1:

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