PS Audio Stellar network player/renderer/endpoint in the future?

I’m looking for a simple solution from PSAudio to connect my home network to my SGCD. There are devices from other companies that seem popular with PSA fans, but I’m looking for a one box solution that contains a power supply, I2S output, and software for the major streaming services. Sounds like the soon-to-be integrated has this capability, but I would like to maintain my separates. Should I wait or start looking into other options? I’m presently using a Chromecast Audio which is cheap and functional, but probably not as good as PS Audio can do.

Based on my reading of the forums, one of the PSA customer service folks said recently they are trying to convince Paul to create a Stellar level music server. My interpretation is some day there may be one, but it won’t be anytime soon. Perhaps wise for you to buy an alternative and wait to see what happens as you can always trade in your whatever and get up to 30% off the hypothetical Stellar server, which could be years away.

I would probably be looking at Sonore.

I was hoping for a stand-alone Bridge II (or the soon to come Bridge III? ) without storage or Octave software capabilities. More like a SOtM SMS 200 or even Aurilac Aries mini, but done with PSA’s musicality.

I’ve used Auralic Aries, Aries Mini and Bluesound Powernode 2i. Just put the Mini into my son’s system.

Personally, I’d go for the Bluesound Node 2i. It does everything and has a killer interface. Use optical or coaxial output. It’s one of the very few that already has Amazon Music, plus all the others.

Thanks for the replies. With Paul suggesting I go to another company, it appears that nothing in that category will be forthcoming. For Sonore, I2S looks to be a 4 box solution including power supplies. I’ll have to look more closely at the Bluesound Node 2i.

How far do you have to look?

A basic mains filter for $50 might help, with a figure 8 socket.

Not much further. Thanks!

My Node 2i arrived yesterday. It seems to sound much better than the Chromcast audio, and doesn’t drop out on high res Qobuz. Nice unit, thanks again for the advice.

Go on BluOs and sign up for an Amazon HD trial. Enjoy!

Been subscribed for a while. Do you find the sound better using optical or coax out? Going to order a coax cable. Any suggestions?

I have the PowerNode 2i, so no cables involved. I don’t get excited about cables.

WW Platinum coax. Best coax I’ve used.