PS Audio's Online Radio Stations

This surprised me but I’m guessing most of you knew about this project?


This is a great idea. I miss my radio station days when 45"s would flood our mail and we could play what ever we wanted. Albums would come in as well and I would take one of the best albums and make it the feature album of the week and end up playing every cut of that album at least twice, Monday through Friday.

My last station, the owner allowed us to install 12 inch SME arms on the (idler) tables and use Shure type 3’s to make the sound on our FM side even better, as we simulcast the same shows. Of course we did the news on the hour and had commercials, but it was all great fun. We also had R2R tape programs for Sunday’s, various church’s would also come on live on telephone lines, like we did our local high school sports games on Friday and Saturday nights.

I don’t think about those fun times enough as those are some great memories. I hope this works out for you.

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Great idea, format will be key. Hopefully more than just a rehash of audiophile warhorses. To mine and provide, classical, jazz, regional music as well as new releases would be tremendous. Especially new releases with the occasional interview by key performers and indie label founders. Could be tremendous fun for all concerned. Sign me up, for listening and/or hosting.

Oh man how I remember the radio days. What a wonderful and exciting time it was being able to hear something new from one of your favorite artists or bands not knowing it had even been released yet.

Especially true when radio provided a more local or regional focus with live djs spinning their favorites.

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Wonder if the streams will be lossy?

For me it started when listening to WLS-AM in Chicago who would play all the top 100 hits and all the stores carried their paper lists of the top 100. At night you could pick up WLW out of Cincinnati and KMOX out of St. Louis. I know folks in NYC and Cousin Brucey on the radio.

We also had Cook’s Record shop and on a side wall was bout 10 phone booths with 45 rpm record players so you could listen to 45’s before you bought one for 50 cents. I am not sure if we ever bought a really “new” record as no one ever thought that playing it would hurt it.


I am glad to see PS Audio getting into this. McIntosh has an online McIntosh Music radio station, which I do listen to occasionally as background music. It sounds pretty good and it has a variety of genres. My only issue with their station is it will switch gears and change genres without notice. It is just music and there is no talking.

I would be interested in hearing more details about what Paul has in mind for a PS Audio radio station. Sounds like it is more like a traditional radio show with someone playing music and discussing it. Which could be pretty interesting if the folks involved are very knowledgable. I definitely look forward to checking it out.



It is sad now that big tech now owns most of the stations and they feed them a set playlist. It was fun when it was all local and very diverse.

My father came done with Polio in 1952, was confined to an Iron lung in the hospital. When they could do no more for him he came home and slept in a donated rocking bed.

Daddy O Daley was a black jazz DJ in Chicago and came out and gave my Dad a stack of 78’s from the station that I would play for him on a nice RCA flip top changer with a swell 8" duo-cone speaker. Back then we thought it was superb, and it was for the day. 17" black and white Motorola TV and all of 5 stations out of Chicago. He passed in Jan. of 1955. That was my start from ages 5-7 of music. My Dad was one of the first polio victims in the US.

My Dad’s best friend was, Jimmy Murphy, and excellent saxophone player and his friends would come over and play live music for my DAD, who had been a good clarinet player. What is interesting was that Jimmy’s son, Mike, was the quarterback on our high school team, a great drummer who ended up playing with the rock bands, Chicago and with the Bee Gees. Who would have thought that would happen when we were kids. Stan Kenton even came to see my DAD.

Kids today miss so much. Sad in a way.


I should also mention that if one likes classical piano, on line is excellent.

Steinway Streaming