PSA Direct selling model - Will future products be available in UK?

DS Dac, Nuwave phono converter and BHK Pre happy owner here, happy you guys are improving products, onwards and upwards!

Maybe a daft question, but will you still be making products (eg Directstream Dac II) in non US versions?
Kevin @ Signature Systems here in UK has looked after me in the past, hoping still to be part of the PS Audio family going forward.


Oh of course! Kevin is very much so active and will continue to be receiving the very latest from us for hopefully a very long time. Kevin is awesome to work with and even more fun to chat with. He’s a great guy!


Good to know James, thanks!

Was on your website the other day looking at the new SACD transport and saw “This is not available in your area”…

so wanted to double check! :slight_smile:

Just meant I cant order direct…DOH!

Thanks much.

In my case it says locate a dealer!

Oh interesting. That may be something funky with the site and it not displaying properly based on your location. I’ll look into this.

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Aw, I should have read a little more closely. Yes, you won’t be able to order direct from us. I just had our web guy test and it is displaying properly mentioning that the product is not available at your location, but the locate a dealer button is right below. Maybe that phrasing should be revised because it does kind of read like you can’t buy one in your area.

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