New orders for Directstream DAC Sr. not shipping until May 2019?

The product page says “Due to high demand for this item, all new orders shipping in May 2019.” Really? Are there really that many orders, or is a part (or parts) in short supply.

Any thoughts/comments?

Firstly I have no idea what is really happening but my guess would be there a revised model coming out as PSA seemed very keen to move old stock with the recent price reduction and now the long delay for new stock.
But I am sure @Paul will chime in with a very logical explanation soon.

Maybe the transformer winding elves are demanding more holiday time off.

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There were really that many orders as well as parts procurement. Our parts require about 4 months to get in aggregate and that requires a great deal of prediction and fortune telling that isn’t always going to work. Imagine guessing how many DACs we’re going to be selling 4 months from now (or really 5 months since once the parts arrive we still have to build them).


Thanks for the clarification. It’s a good problem to have. It seems like the combination of overwhelmingly positive reviews of Snowmass and a holiday discount combined to create an avalanche of orders. It created mine. Time to dig out, and time to see how my patience holds up!

Happy holidays!

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I work in a production environment and am aware of the accounting bullshit about inventory because of how it make the “books” look, but damn, a six month lead-time for a direct to consumer product is a little beyond the pale.

It’s time to get your accounting and inventory departments in a head lock and get them straight. :wink:

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“Just in time” can be good and really not good

Add another 6 months for burn-in time and you will have an up-to-speed DS by next Christmas :neutral_face:

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Not defending, might be due to a long holiday season, just saying. :):relaxed:

I did have to wait 4 weeks for a shower water fall. Now that is bull ticky.

Unencumbered by the facts of what really happened at PS Audio when the special was announced and subsequent orders were placed, you can have any opinion you want.

I have no idea what this means. Our accounting people aren’t involved in ordering parts and creating lead times. That’s the job of production planners and buyers and, as I tried to explain, there’s an easy 4 to 5 month lag time between parts ordering and product shipping. It has nothing to do with anything other than everything we make is custom and has lead times. Not sure how that’s hard to understand.

We made a conscious decision to sell out existing inventory in this sale, which means there’s going to be a dry spell. That was a conscious decision which you may or may not agree with. But, don’t blame staff.

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Accounting is probably not the term I was looking for, but finance is what I meant.

Regardless, if that’s how you choose to do things, I understand.

Working for a company… compared to owning and running one… would be comparing apples to oranges…I’m sure Paul and PS A know what they are doing.:roll_eyes:

If nothing else, the used market just got a lot hotter on these things. :slight_smile:


Im so happy I bought one on Black Friday at the special price, with bridge. Bene enjoying it every day since. I came from the Jr. Well worth it IMO.

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I completely understand the voodoo in trying to predict future sales of a niche product. Its almost impossible. Material availability, back orders, production schedules, tariffs, consumer spending, national news, weather, etc. You can only really predict the future for about 5 seconds and that doesn’t offer much help when weeks or months lead times are involved. I have a few great ideas that are sitting in the warehouse unsold. I really appreciate what PSA is doing for high fidelity home audio. There is no substitute for passion and interest in producing the best solution possible for the products you build and sell. Much appreciated. I can wait until inventory is available.

Last year when PSA had their Black Friday Sale. I bought a pair of BHK 300’s. It took me over 4 anxiety riddled months to get them. So delays are nothing new. In the end, I’m pleased with my PSA gear.

Oh man. That is brutal. Lol. Man I love this hobby - if you can call it that.
I am just happy paul & co are successful in a market where many companies seem to struggle. Keep up the great work Paul. :slight_smile:

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I’m hoping I’ll get mine from the dealer Tuesday - was going to be Friday … but delivery was missed.
I did try the BHK pre - and .loved it and… bought it! Its could end up being a bigger difference that the PSA Directstream DAC!
Patiently waiting! :wink:

It will be an interesting comparison. Unfortunately we need to wait some months to learn what you think. :frowning: