PSA Print ads

In the July 2021 issue of Stereo Review, PSA has a 2 page ad with a smiling Kevin Briggs, the topic of which is the PSA Trade-In program. I seem to be missing a logic thread with regard to what precisely ‘THIS’ is. On the left page of the ad Kevin is smiling - and on the right page he still smiles with a thumbs up. Shouldn’t ‘THIS’ be a piece of equipment rather than the thumbs up?

It’s not the clearest of ads, at least in their choice of images, I’ll give you that. One might be excused in thinking the “this” is an audiophile who’s happier after having taken advantage of the PSA trade-in policy, but that concept is undercut by seeing the person in the photos identified as an employee. Which leaves me confused. Are we to get jobs at PSA to become happy enough to flash a thumbs-up? :wink:

And I assume you meant Stereophile and not Stereo Review, which hasn’t been published in years, to the best of my knowledge.

Many thanks - obviously Stereophile - now what was I thinking?