PSAudio P5

i just took delivery of the very handsome silver P5 , the purchase was used and the previous owner missed placed the SD card , I would like to purchase another card however which one ?

Thank you in advance for your help ,


Some info about SD cards, including formatting instructions, is found here.

A 2GB card will work in all PSA products. More recent products can use larger ones (up to 8GB). The P5 has been around a while, and maybe PSA has upgraded the card reader in more recent units. So it’s hard to be sure.

2GB cards can be hard to find in stores now, but they can easily be ordered online. You only need the card to update the firmware. Check the downloads section of the PSA site for the latest firmware – maybe you don’t need to upgrade if the unit you bought is recent or if the previous owner kept it upgraded.

If you own other PSA products it never hurts to keep a couple of 2GB cards around – that’s what I do.

Thank you Magister,.