2GB SD card using in PWT


right now the SD card using in PWT is 2GB. as you know 2GB SD card is seldom in market.

4GB or above SD card can be used on PWT instead of 2GB?


2GB has previously been documented as the maximum capacity SD card that can be used in the PWT. Someone else may comment if this has changed or may change in later product releases.


Indeed and yes, they are hard to get. Simply give us a shout and we’ll get one for you on Monday.


thanks Paul.

but I am not living in US… I am in Hong Kong, outside US… :~(


@ellen_ng There are plenty of 2GB cards on Amazon.com & most are on sale/or discount packs. I bought a 4 pack to have on hand for under $10.00 including Prime shipping. Keep checking because Amazon runs specials all the time. Link below:



I think Amazon is available in HK. Also, if need be, we can ship some card to Radar.


Thanks birddogthecat and Paul again.

I will try to find in local store first, not every Amazon seller ship internationally, will ask for help from Radar if there is no luck, Mr. Andrew Ng from Radar is always helpful.

ps. my PWT, PWD and Bridge are bought from Radar. (^.^)





i got 2 pcs SD card @HKD52 each from a computer centre at Kowloon side in HK, but to be honest to say, it’s really hard to find.

my question is coming again. If I want to change my new SD card into PWT and PWD, just simply to take out the old SD card from PWT and PWD, then insert the new one. then done???

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make sure the new card is empty and formatted “fat” or “fat32” and insert it. It will build cover are on it’s own.

It will not change any firmware unless you put that on it before inserting.

What is wrong with the OLD cards?


thanks Gordon.

I am not sure whether my old card got problem or not. Last Sunday, after updated album cover and song tag into PS server then play back the CD. I found the CD cover only shown up 50% on PWT screen then PWT hanged and the CD was unable to enject. Finally, I need to use paper clip to release the drawer manually.

I delete the CD cover and song name tag from PS server and switched off the power switch at the rear panel for 2 hour then tried to play the CD again. BUT same result and PWT hanged finally. don’t know why the CD cover and song name tag had been deleted from PS server, the CD cover still shown up 50% & name tag can be shown up on PWT.

so I am thinking whether the SD card got problem or not. I checked my network also. seems nothing stupid, PWD with bridge can be worked fine with my NAS.


any planning via firmware upgrade to raise up 2GB to 4GB capacity?


I do not think the hardware can handle more than 2g.

ellen_ng said: BUT same result and PWT hanged finally.

Does this happen with other CDs also?

Does the PWT play a CD fine with the card removed? (The card is not necessary for the PWT to work.)


other CDs is normal. no problem and run smoothly.

Does the PWT play a CD fine with the card removed?==> not yet to take out SC card.

yes. i think so… if no SD card inserted PWT, just no cover shown up. I think. BUT I have already inserted a lot of album cover and name tag into PS server, so it’s unable to run back to the first step. (I spent a huge time to make the data input one by one :~( )


got it and thanks Gordon’s info. (^.^)/

I think it’s quite impossible to let the hardware to handle more than 2GB.

ok! I start to buy some more SD cards for backup.

ellen_ng said: other CDs is normal. no problem and run smoothly.


I suggest emailing PS Audio. They may be able to delete the information relating to this one CD in the database or have another idea to help you.


Does the 2GB SD card supplied with the PWT have any data on it as supplied? Thanks.


No, it is blank.