PSAudio website problem?

I just placed an order for a couple M1200s, and want to confirm everything looks good now that it’s complete.

When the order completed, it gave me a “404-Page Not Found” error for the Thank You page.

When I try accessing my order history, it gives the same 404 error.

Is there a problem with the main website?

It’s all good here on a Win10 machine using Firefox. Flushing the cache and cookies might help. You might give them a call to verify the order.

Thanks Baldy. I tried it in two different browsers in Win 10, both with the same results.

I’ll try it at home tonight on my Macbook, but I received a confirmation email so it’s all good…

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When I got on the forum about half hour ago, I had message at the top to refresh the page since an update to the forum software had occurred. Perhaps that is why you got the error?