Pricing gone on PSA website?

I did a search on this but nothing came up. I received a email from PSA about a sale on amplifiers. No pricing available on the website- for anything. No info on trade in discount. Something about sold through dealers, as if the site thinks I’m not in the US. Seems like this has been going on for a while now. What am I missing?

Clear your browser history and then go in using the link in the email.

Took me a few tries earlier in the month but eventually got there and traded my M700s for M1200s. Very good deal and they sound great!

If it doesn’t work, give them a call.

Good luck!

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Is location turned off in your browser?

I suggest calling, 1 800 PSAUDIO

Likely need to clear browser cache. The reason the site won’t show pricing is if your IP looks like it’s from out of the U.S. Clearing cache often helps with this.

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Damn, I thought it was a really big sale. :grinning:

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Are the 735’s on sale?

Thank you. All is back to normal now.

There is a big sale happening!