PST, loud grinding noise when spinning SACD

The drive in my PST is unusually loud when spinning SACD discs. Yes I know that SACD spins at a higher speed than CD, but this does not seem to be just a high-pitch spinning noise. Moreover, when I configure the menu to play the CD layer of hybrids rather than the DSD layer, the noise is still there. The noise does not lessen as the disc plays on. This has been true since I first bought the unit. I ignored it at first because I didn’t own many SACDs but now I do own more and am wondering if the drive is faulty. Any thoughts?

Also, I should mention that you can hear it easily from 10 feet away. And not just between tracks or during quiet passages.

I own a PST and hear no noises of any type, regardless of what disc is in use. I would contact PS technical support right away. This is not normal.

I agree. Get it checked out. One of the reasons I got my PST was that I was bothered by a slight noise made by the transport in my Marantz SACD-30n, so I guess you could say I’m “sensitive” to those kinds of things, and I’ve been very happy with the PST. So no, it’s not normal.

It may be worth a call to PSA technical support, and I do recommend a phone call over email.

Or contact James directly:

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Or by phone as at one time there was an issue with incoming emails, which I believe is resolved. I have reached James at his work # (720) 402-3926.

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Thanks, fellas. I dropped an email to James, will follow up with a phone call. Yes, it seems to me too that this must be not normal. Or maybe my hearing is way better than I realized. :slight_smile:

James will take care of you. He is great.

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Problem solved:


A fine alternative to be sure.

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I love the “old-school” look of this kit and the current Luxman lineup with similarly styled components.


The Final Solution

Prove me wrong.

Understated look to the Luxman D10X. Partners well with the Luxman 509X with a bit of that old school look.

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I hear I slight increase in noise while an SACD is loading, compared to a regular CD, but once loaded the PST is pretty much silent.

Yes, mine too. The PST has been incredibly reliable. I love my DMP but it had a period of time when it was buggy and it didn’t play all the discs I wished it did. The PST is not designed for those and cd and SACD and material via the USB input sound amazing and it works flawlessly.