PWT disk spinning noise


On some CD’s I’ve been experiencing a lot of noise from the transport especially at the higher revs. Its an annoying ‘krrrr’ sound that is loud enough to make listening at low volumes a not so pleasant experience (@ 3 meters/9 feet distance).
Sometimes, hence not allways, when I reload the disk, the noise reduces somewhat in level, occasionally it disappears. This made me think that it has to do with eccentricity of the CD wrt the spindle. It seems the transportunit is out of its margins for ‘silent’ operation.
Still with a lot of CD’s the transport is quiet enough for me.

Is there something I can do to fix this issue myself (I have experience with repairing electronics and fine mechanics)? I’m located in Europe and don’t feel confident to ship the unit overseas.

Thanks in advance for the help!

There is most likely a build up of dust on the center hub of the drive. The best solution is to remove the drive from the unit take it apart and clean it with alcohol. I have done this in the past and it has helped.

Just used isodamp on the rails of my PST to quiet it down. So far so good! Listening to the same classical (with very quiet parts) that had me noticing it last time right now, and am not hearing it from a slightly shorter distance than you describe in your set-up.

…and welcome to the neighborhood, CoenP! Cheers

Thanks for the welcome and the useful tips. Later this week I have sufficient time to open the PWT and have a peek inside the cd drive. I also may have some dampenihg padding laying around.

I’ll keep you posted!