Pure Music with Bridge/ethernet?


Forgive my utter stupidity on this topic but I just downloaded Pure Music (demo) and don’t seem able to find settings to get it running over ethernet with the bridge. Netsend seems to be to send to a computer with bonjour, and the bridge doesn’t show up as an audio device.

Eventually I may go to USB so I can use the crossover functions for biamping (and DSP) but for now I wanted to try it with the bridge.


All you need to do I believe is do the regular PM set up per their instructions that you would do for any input eg USB, and PM should be ready, that is the Bridge is no different as far as PM is concerned. Since some have more problems with the Bridge, like me, I find it best to confirm a connection/working with USB first, once that is done just switch the DS input from USB to the Bridge using the remote. Of course you can just omit the USB if you want. Rob at PM is helpful, you can e mail him too if necessary.