Newbie Setup; no output

Hi I just got a new DS DAC with Bridge 2. I’ve connected an Ethernet cable to Bridge (have a Roon Nucleus on Network) Connected my PC to the USB, and my OPPO 205 to the coaxial DS input. I have XLR cables connected as outputs to my MA7900. The Bridge screen on my DAC shows the network connection is green, the Roon/song/rate/bits/and song playing time are all good. I had the XLR cables connecting my OPPO to the MA7900 earlier and that worked fine.

Nothing comes out. I’m sure I must have missed a setting somewhere, but I’m getting no output. True for my other sources as well. They show up, but I’ve got no output. Ideas? Thanks in advance.

Your network (router, NAS, external HD, etc.) is connected to the DSD via Ethernet . . . . Good. But, if you’re using the PC as part of the network server, that PC should be connected to your network (not the DSD).

No output from any of the inputs? Does the display update with any sample/bit info? This makes me think the DAC might be muted or the volume isn’t turned up enough.

Thank you, makes sense - fixed that. Cheers!

The display does update with sample/bit info. I’ve tried all of the mute/volume settings on the remote no change.

Captain obvious question for you:

Are you sure you are selecting the Bridge input from your remote or on the DAC’s screen?

The DS does not automatically change inputs based on incoming signals.

Sorry if this was already clearly not the case from our previous posts.

Good luck in any event.

That’s a good sign. The DAC is at least getting a good signal. Is the Bridge input the only one you’ve tried?

I have the bridge input on the DAC screen and it shows the network as green in the little box and shown Roon and Artist and song info in upper left section.Then: input: PCM, Rate: 44.1, 24 bits, Phase: out

I have tried the coaxil input from my OPPO too. no luck. Thanks

I started over and reconnected everything again. It"s a beautiful thing - I’ve got music! Thank you for your help.

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Great, thanks for keeping us posted TW! Just in time for the start of the weekend. Enjoy!

Will do! Thanks again and Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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