PWD 2.4.6 Bass overemphasis


Hi together

During the past few month I like firmeware 2.4.6 decreasingly. Its very airy, 3-dimensional and has lots of musical talent …

But there is a big issue: The lack of Bass Controll - its massiv overemphased and booming.

In 2.4.4 the Bass is much better controlled but there is not this magic than in 2.4.5 and 2.4.6.

To understand - my speakers are Studiospeakers ATC SCM 25A Pro with VdH Mountain XLR to the PWD.

That means the sound is very “honest”.

The last week I try the Direct DAC from my dealer at home - for me it sound very accurate but boring and lifeless.

The PWD sounds much better for me with 2.4.5 and first of all with 2.4.6 exept this Bass Problem.

What should I do ?

The first Time I am looking for different DAC`s - Lumin S1 and Auralic Vega with Aries



I would double-check with your dealer and make sure that DS you tried had received 300-500 hours of burn-in. With anything less, you will not hear what this DAC can do; at least that is the experience of most DS owners on this forum, including me. (Yes, one would expect that dealers would want customers to hear the product at its best, but I have borrowed equipment that the dealer admitted was not burned in. Go figure.)


The dealer told me that the DSD I borrowed had received more than 800 hours of burn in. I also did try different firmwares - anyway I did not like it - definitively, - and of course it is no problem for me wink

Is there a plan for another firmeware affected to the PWD ?


chris keeps mentioning the PWD and firmware numbers 2.4.4, 2.4.5 and 2.4.6, PWD Mk II release numbers.

magister is talking about the DirectStream (tho I’m sure the PWD benefits from burning as well.)


I think he meant the DS that was borrowed for comparison.

FWIW My preference for PWD was 2.43 and if a Bridge is active the 2.13c on the bridge. Bridge 2.15 also has good reviews.


Oops, thanks.


To make things clear.I would like to upgrade from my PWD - unfortunately it is not the DS. Thats why I am looking to borrow a Auralic Vega and a Lumin S. There is no constributor for the Lumin in Switzerland but I can test the Vega New Year.


From what I can gather your ATC are the Active version ( internal amps) I’d suggest trying different interconnects from the Dac to the speakers… could be that the VanDenHul aren’t a good match…

Also if the speakers are the active versions can you try different power cords on them? You might be surprised how that can change the sound .