PWDAC during holiday ;-)


I am not in the situation to listen each and every day. Having bought a new PWDAC-PWT a year ago I think the actual playing time of the set is well below 150 hours. I read however that the set would benefit when played a lot, even improve over time … Anyway, the upcoming month I will not be able to play it because of other matters. Would it therefore hurt to get the player and DAC in the repeat mode, without actually amplifying the music through my amps, with the amps switched off? Would it benefit anyway? or is this just audiophile suggestion. I like to play the set in a month and be surprized again…


Most of us agree that the sound improves with more hours on the unit. Leaving it in repeat should not be a problem, just leave it physically connected to the rest of the system.


So it will not hurt to keep the pre- and poweramp off? Ok will do that.


When the MKII board first came out people were finding that the sound was good, got a bit better, then a bit worse, and then really good as it broke in. (correct me if I am wrong about this account) I seem to recall people really warming to the sound after the 300 hour mark.


OK with Pre/Power off. Agree with David, there is an odd pattern to the breaking in period.