PWT tray open - close , Inconsistence behaviours


I have a nearly 1.5 years old PWT . I had the same problem when player was brand new , i have upgraded the software from 1.21 to 1.22 and the problem has disappeared. I have used without any problem until recent weeks. During this time i didn’t use it heavily because i have another source, Apple Mac pro as another input. So its almost new.

But unfortunately the same problem arised again. I have reinstalled the software 1.21 and try it , nothing changed . Then i have returned back to 1.22 it helped a little but the player is still inconsistent. Tray is opening closing unvolunteerly , music tracks interrupted suddenly , this kind of strange problems.

Should i open the player and check the lens , etc. ?

Can you help me ?


Reha ( From Turkey )

Hi Rehad,

I can only think of two explanations for what you are experiencing:

When you change CDs in the transport, or start or stop the music, do you use the remote control, or the display screen on the transport to open the tray? If you use the display do the button functions align well with the graphics? In other words, does the track play when you push the play icon, or do you have to press somewhere outside of the play icon to get the unit? I am wondering if the display screen has lost its calibration variables. It might be worth recalibrating the touchscreen.

To recalibrate the touchscreen, turn the power off at the back of the unit. Then press the blue logo button on the front panel and hold it in while you turn the power back on. You will see a white screen with some writing. Follow the instructions on the screen, being careful to touch the screen in the numbered boxes as precisely as you can.

If recalibrating the touchscreen does not correct this problem, then it should be brought to the distributor for your area to have the DVD drive replaced as the next trial.


Hello Dave,

Mostly i am using the remote control. I have used the touch screen very rarely . But the touch screen seems ok. No problem until now. The problem appears any time. I think its not related to the touch screen calibration .

In Turkey the distributor may not help me . Should i go and buy e new Asus DVD drive and change it myself ? ( Something like Asus Quietrack series dvd drive ? )


PS Audio uses a particular ASUS DVD Drive with custom software for us. Performance would not be the same with another drive solution.

You sound like you are willing to try replacing the drive yourself.

Would you please email me at davep@psaudio. I will send you a replacement drive and instructions for replacement.

Thank you very much Dave.

Best Regards

When i had the new DVD drive that time my PWT started to work well. It was 8 months ago. I am not using heavily my transport . Until recent weeks there was no problem but some time ago similar problems arised again. I am not so sure but i guess recently started to use my PWT more than before. May be 3-4 hours continuous in a day.

Tray is opening and closing by itself , without my intervention. Transport plays intermitted. This kind of problems. The transport is only 8 months old . Nevertheless i ordered a new dvd transport , i will replace it this weekend and will see the result.

I hope it works.

I have good news and bad news.

I have bought the Asus E818AAT sata drive from the outletpc internet shop , they have sent me another dvd drive ( Asus 24B1ST ) because they were out of stock :slight_smile:

Nevertheless i installed this one in the PWT , it worked fine. Ok, its not quiet as the Asus E818AAT but not too bad. Not a loud dvd drive , if you can’t find the original this one can fit.

Good news is this new drive could read any cd without error. Very precise. Will see how long will it last :slight_smile:

I wanted to finalize this topic ;

Later on i could find and replace the DVD drive with Asus E818AAT . My PWT became more silent . But some time later i had the same problem again . It was not quite often but happened again.

And finally i understand that the SD card inside the pwt was inconsistent. I checked it with my computer , it becomes unreachable time to time. So I pulled out the sd card and from that time this problem has disappeared.

Thanks to PS audio team helping me during this days.

Recently i had a Aurender N100H source. The hdd inside has some dsd music, i couldn’t play them with my pwd MKII dac. So now i am planning to uprade my PWD MKII to Directstream dac. I hope it will be better.


Glad you got this sorted out. Thrilled you’re moving to a DirectStream. It’s considerably better than PWD.