Remote not working on new PWT

I received my PWT a couple of days ago.
The remote is not working properly. I have to finetune the direction very accurately (within a very steep angle of probably 10deg) so that it captures signal. As such using remote is a nightmare.
I thought it was the batteries but changed them and still not working properly.
What to do ?

The remote sensor window on the PWT is picky. I cannot tell from your description if it is working normally. I suggest giving PS Audio service a call.

I received it a couple of days ago, now i discover that from times to times the music stop. Time on the display is stuck and impossible to eject the disc. Only way is to switch of with the rear button.
Ok i received a refurbished but it should work properly…

Is there a specific thing to be done ?

If you do a search you will find other owners with the same, or similar issues that you are experiencing… I encountered similar problems with my PWT. If the CD’s are marked, finger prints and / or show any sign of damage ( a slight marking is enough to cause a problem ) to the playing surface: – PWT will stop suddenly and freeze up… I am very careful with the way I hold my CDs and always put them back in their jewel case but over time they can become slightly soiled… But saying that even if the CD’s are new and pristine the PWT can still freeze up ? It would take me too long to cover all of ‘MY’ PWT’s foibles !!

From my own experience the PWT was the most temperamental and unreliable product I ever owned. PWT bought brand-new but arrived faulty ! During the short time ( two years ) I used the machine I fitted 3 transports… My PWT was beset with functionality issues.

I bought a new DMP which works a treat and sounds fantastic… I was initially in two minds because of the hellish time I had with the PWT; DMP is on another level. The PWT remote isn’t the most powerful …

Yes, it should work properly. PS Audio Support will look after you, just reach out to them for assistance.

:thinking: …Probably you received the refurbished PWT pre-owned by Dirk…
Using a PWT over here for over 4 years and never encountered any problem. I’m convinced the outstanding PS Audio service counts for new as well as refurbished devices.

I still own the PWT. I sold it to someone who lives 20 miles from me: the buyer contacted me after a few weeks as he was experiencing the same problems I encountered ! I told him to bring it back and I gave him all his money back… Two complete transport mechanisms in the photo, the third is in my workshop in pieces…

My PWT has also worked flawlessly, but every product line has a few which are a problem.

Do contact PS Audio service. They will take care of you.

I owned and operated a PWT for about 6 years. It worked flawlessly until I replaced the original Asus IDE DVDRW Drive with the newer Asus SATA DVDrom drive. I only did this as some disks were making a vibrating noise when I played them. With the SATA drive I did experience lock ups and other issues. At that point I decided to open up the original drive. I cleaned the hub of some build up that came from the thousands of disks that I had played in it. I reinstalled it in the PWT and I went back top enjoying my CD’s and DVDs with out noise or issue. I would suggest you try to locate and IDE drive and ribbon cable and changing that out with the SATA one in your PWT. I now own and operate a DMP which sounds great but has many operational issues. I am hopeful with the new rewrite of the OS for the DMP I will some day get to enjoy the same reliability that I had with my PWT. The Cover and text always worked properly and it did not truncate the information when it displayed it. The DMP is very finicky with cover art and text. It does sound great but it can be frustrating when trying to use the remote or even from the touch screen for that matter.

I received my PWT last week. I kept it on 24/7 to burn in my new GCD/M700 combo - and my AQ HDMI cable. After around 6 days I experienced the shut downs, etc. too. Cleaning the disks helped. I shut it off for a day and its been working perfectly - musically - ever since. It errors out when trying to download cover art or tracks info.

PSA customer service said I should update to the latest firmware (why was the “refurbished” unit sent out with old firmware?). My unit refuses to update to the 1.24 firmware after many attempts. PSA is sending me a confirmed upgrade memory card to use with my PWT - should arrive tomorrow or the next day. If that doesn’t work I will send the unit back for upgrade, replacement or refund - still in 30 day return period.

That, my friend, is an excellent question.

I have installed / cleaned discs / tried everything recommended to me by PSA, including 1.24 but yet the problems persist with my PWT.

My PWT as well as hanging at will for no apparent reason------------

  1. Van Morrison - Astral Weeks: Reads TOC, the disc is seen to be playing and counting down - but muted hence no sound ? Play the CD in any of my many standard CD players, OPPO player, DMP and I hear music ? I bought a brand-new copy but still muted on the PWT ?

  2. Jackson Browne - Love Is Strange, Live: Plays the first disc fine… Refuses to play disc two and pointblank refuses to release the CD from the machine…switch off the power and reboot but still wont release the disc – which can only be set free by using a paper clip to manually open the sled… Plays perfectly fine and can be released from all my other players ? Checked the disc for concentricity and it runs true !

  3. Greg Brown - In The Hills Of California, Live: Stops playing on track 9 on disc one every-time… I have cleaned the CD, which wasn’t marked, but makes no difference… Plays perfectly fine on all other players ? Played perfectly fine on the dealers PWT !

  4. Kari Bremnes - Norwegian Mood: 11 tracks, the CD stops at the end of track 10…! Yet again plays perfectly fine on all my other CD players… This occurrence happens with many other CDs ?

Quite a few CDs refuse to play the first track and start on track 2 or 3…?

I’d be here all day listing down all the angst the PWT has given me…!

PWT player has been returned to PSA and yet the problems persist…
3 transports (fitted by me ) and other fixes too - but all to no avail !!

PWT hates me with a vengeance and the feeling is entirely mutual !

I ended buying an OPPO player to use as a transport with the Vanity card, which worked flawlessly… I now use the DMP player…

I couldn’t fault PSA customer service who were very helpful… Dave P was also most helpful … But, my PWT is still faulty ! I have just given up on it now !

You traded-in PWT on DMP, right?

No… I am in the U.K. we don’t get the deals like they do in the U.S. My dealer gave me a discount on the DMP… He’s wasn’t interested in taking back my PWT, and who could blame him!!

After fitting the 3rd transport I sold on the PWT to someone relatively close to where I live but, after a few weeks they also encountered problems so, I refunded all the money.

I would never misguide or cheat someone, so the PWT will reside in the cupboard …
I am not short on money. I may use the box on a project some day, who knows !

Just one of those things! I have had other issues with PSA kit, but they were all overcome - PWT was a nightmare from day one - it arrived at my door faulty…


We want to apologize for all of your trouble.

We have had some similar troubles with a couple of US customers using the PWT.
Initially the thought was to replace the drive but once we received and tested the unit it would not present the issue regardless of what we tried.

This lead us to believe that perhaps it was the power supply.
We found that an older version of the power supply board may potentially cause this issue provided that the AC power in the end user’s location is not ideal or more dynamic than that found in our lab.

Replacing the power supply would typically solve the problem for the customer.

Since you are one of our UK customers I have reached out to Signature Systems and mentioned this to them.

I have opened a dialog with them just now regarding your troubles and we plan to chat more about this tomorrow to come up with a plan of action for you.

Together he and I will make sure this gets solved once and for all and get you back to listening to uninterrupted music.

In the interim I would appreciate it if you could contact me directly at so I can get the serial number and your details.

Thanks in advance,

  • Jeremy
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I had a feeling that someone from PS Audio would step in and make this right for Dirk. With his location being outside of the US it complicates things a bit, but Jeremy and PSA deserve credit for doing whatever it takes to resolve this issue. It’s just another testament to the kind of company that PS Audio is by trying to ensure their customer’s ultimate satisfaction with their products. :smile:

PS Audio also took care of my PWT issue. I received a firmware update SD card today. When I inserted the SD card and turned on the PWT the firmware 1.24 update processed the way it was supposed to. I don’t know why PS Audio’s card worked and the SD card I made did not - don’t care. PS Audio took the time to make things right. Everything is working now. Even cover art and track info downloads again. Great customer service experience!

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Great news!