CD Tray PWT sometimes doesn't open

Sometimes after a period of not playing; the cdtray doesn’t open after touching the screen.
I can hear the mechanism doing something; I hear some ‘noise’.
Up till now just by a soft knock to the tray it opens.

Is it time to have it replaced?

There is a belt that drives the drawer. It is visible when the drawer is open. you may be able to replace it without having to disassemble the whole thing. Replacement drives are available form PS Audio and they are very affordable. It is not difficult to change out if you so desire.

I sometimes have the same behaviour when I try to use the touch screen to eject disks from my PWT. On most occasions the disk ejects after some noises and ‘hesitation’. In my case an infallible way of ejecting a disk is to use the eject function on the remote. Does this not work for you?

@ John, davidl; Thanks for your reaction. Good to know replacement is possible - I’ll keep it in mind. And I must admit I never use the remote… I’ll try it next time.

It might be, but I wouldn’t panic. We used a standard DVD ROM drive that should offer quite a number of years of service. But, easily replaced if not.

@Paul: Thank you!


Hello, I was just re-reading your remark about changing the belt. It looks OK, but that might be the culprit as to whether the drawer opens or not? Or would that be something in the electronics of the drawer.
At the moment, especially when I like to play cd’s after a day rest it’s difficult to get the drawer to open. During play back/changing cd’s it doesn’t have any problems with opening. In the end I need to have the drive exchanged, I guess. Usually I don’t use the remote just the touch screen to get the drawer opn/close. Both methods do run into the same problem. I can get the drawer to open, usually to gently press/knock to the drawer… but I don’t have any clue if this really helps or just luck, when the drawer opens or not.

I have a question for you. when the drawer does open does it move quickly or slowly. If it does come out at what looks to be normal speed than it is more likely to be something else with the drive other than the belt. Another thing to check is what version firmware are you running in your PWT. Power off the back panel switch. Restart the unit than as soon as the initialize shows ouch the screen. It may take a couple of attempts to get it to show you the information. Than check to see if you are using the latest version. If not try updating it. If so you may be better off changing out the drive. Good luck!

Hi, thanks for your reaction. The CD tray opens with a normal speed.
I will check the software version; probably that needs updating.
At the moment though I am having trouble updating to Snowmass and PSaudio are doing their very best to guide me through that process.
My DAC now runs Torreys and after the fix going to Snowmass, I will deal with the drive.

In the mean time I am really enjoying my new BHK250 and some new cables that came along at a serious expense. So I guess my ‘better half’ will raise another eyebrow when telling her I need a new cd-rom-drive installed as well.

Don’t fret too much about the DVD rom drive it costs around $30. If you need help replacing it please contact me and I will get you through it it is not a difficult process. Please be sure to order a set of all threads from PS Audio when you get the drive. They are screws without heads that make it easy to open the PWT. It you want to see how it is done go to youtube and watch the video about updating a Perfectwave DAC to a Direcstream. You will see it is not difficult. I wonder why your DAC is giving you a hard time with the update. Hope you get the resolved soon.

It’s more about the hassle, I was not even thinking of replacing it myself. My dealer is about an hour drive away; I am not sure he will do it though, he may send the pwt to Belgium, whereas I am in The Netherlands. Aaaw, we’ll see.

I would not be comfortable with anyone other that PS Audio going inside one of my units. Believe me it is a very easy project.

If I have to choose; I will leave it up to anyone who’s authorized/ technically knowledgeable. Me I’m neither ;-).
I just like to push buttons…

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