Qobuz in the USA


Ditto - I have received multiple emails, to all of which I’ve replied, “yes - let me know” and have never had a word from them, despite their having my email for years.



I am in Florida so same country as you. This gift code was still active as of the weekend of RMAF but I haven’t tried it since then so they have probably deactivated it by now. I first used it the middle of September and set up an account and two more for friends. This account should time out in December unless they forget them.


Interesting! I tried to sign up for Qobuz the morning RMAF launched - the day I went to RMAF in Denver!!! Frustrating. I did try the gift code and it said it wasn’t valid in my country.

Go figure… :thinking:


Very disappointing…

”Qobuz has confirmed that the U.S. launch is being delayed to 2019. The company plans to make an announcement at CES about availability for the service, which is currently being beta-tested in the U.S.”
Read more at https://www.soundandvision.com/content/hands-qobuz-hi-res-music-streaming#14eZH0gJlESeljI0.99


Qobuz is great, I love the sound quality and the music selection. Bummer we have to wait a bit longer here in the US. Qobuz was handing out trial codes and email registrations freely at several of the US audio shows this year (uses their UK store). After the trial expiration I tried to subscribe, now having an account, but the US payment methods (credit card or US-based PayPal) are rejected. Even VPN would not get around that I am afraid.


I am streaming hi-res Qobuz over VPN in Portland OR, no problem. PayPal.

Maybe we seceded from the Union?? Must’ve missed that. :thinking:


Just signed up through the link posted above. I live in Upstate New York. No VPN or proxy was used when I signed up and I had no issues creating an account and getting the free 30 days of Studio (24/192) plan. I used my work IP address, which is obviously based in New York. However the link provided above automatically applies your country to be the United Kingdom. I linked my PayPal account to my Qubuz. Maybe the combination of using the link posted above and using your paypal account is the key to signing up?


Now Portland is definitely a special place in this world :-). My PayPal from NYC was rejected but I might have to try again when my renewed trial runs out.


May have to try again. I did a similar thing when I read about it on CA, and they sent an email confirming my subscription, but it still only plays 30 second samples of mp3. I now have 3 different memberships in two or three countries, none of which work. Have to remember to cancel before they start billing me.


Yes, I saw the same issue. However, I’ve now fixed it. I downloaded an application called Tunnel Bear. It’s a VPN service. Very simple to use and the first 500mb of data are totally free. No credit card or anything required. Installed it, chose the UK as my preferred VPN location, restarted my web browser and then signed up for the free month trial. I now have up to 24/192 streaming within the Qobuz application.


Cool. What’s the cost after the 500MB?


$9.99 a month for unlimited data. Or if you pay $49.99 for the whole year up front that translates to $4.17 a month.

I should also note that I chose my PayPal account as the payment option for Qobuz. I don’t know if it will work if you try and link a regular old credit card.


Thanks - sure hope Q. Is here natively before another year passes! ; )

Thanks - yes, I’ve tried both, and ran into the “CC not in same country” thing. Pretty sure it was PP I used on the one where they sent me confirmation of my subscription (which however did not actually work).


Yeah, it seems like you can create an account with an IP address outside of the country you want the account to be linked to. In my case a US based IP address saying I want the account to be UK based. It seems it’s only when you try and choose a subscription plan that Qobuz actually checks your IP address location. I only had to use the VPN for that one part of the process. Now that I’ve signed up for the “Studio” tier (24/192 streaming only) through the VPN, I can disable the VPN and stream and listen from my home internet connection. So a paid VPN subscription isn’t needed.

So the process is:

Create an account by using the link above. Then use a UK based VPN when choosing which tier you want. Once signed up for the tier, disable VPN and enjoy the music. Qobuz doesn’t seem to check IP address location after this.


Cheaper than Tidal !


Great - worth yet another try - thanks!

When you refer to “the link above” which one do you mean, and do you think it is different/necessary for it to work?


This link:

It brings you to a UK based portion of their website. That way when you sign up it will automatically associate your account with the UK (which is a country Qobuz works in). Pretty sure this is necessary.


Thanks. The one I used last that “sort of” worked (led to my actually having a subscription vs. a membership) had “us-en” in place of “gb-en” in the URL and then resulted in being on the UK site. Doubt it matters, though I was initially geeked as I thought it meant it was an actual US site. Not!


YAY! Works! Thanks, man. Had to do some noodling, due to the fact that apparently, despite my accounts having all been “permanently deleted”, Qobuz - or my server computer - “remembered” that it was associated with one of the accounts, and kept opening that one. Deleted all prior Qobuz apps, etc., quit the offending account and logged into the new one.


The $9,99 month / 49,99 year refers to the Tunnel Bear VPN service.

UK Qobuz accounts (1GBP = 1,28USD):