Qobuz in the USA


So you had to sign up for a new account under this link for it to work? Did you have to alter anything else or simply sign up under the new link?


Figured too good to be true.


AFTER YOU HAVE ESTABLISHED THE QOBUZ ACCOUNT, DELETE THE VPN software and close the VPN account. You won’t need the VPN once you have the Qobuz account, as you can signin to your account and stream from anywhere in the world without it.

And, yes, PayPal works fine


Can’t say for sure that I had to create a new account. I suspect it would’ve worked with an existing Membership account (non-subscription).

However, I had established three separate accounts over the past two years in two or three countries. So I figured it was time to delete all of them, since none resulted in an actual working account.

I had deleted them all yesterday prior to hearing about this procedure. I created a new one with the same email and login as my first one.


What is too good to be true?


Until Qobuz is live in the US the only way you can open a subscription account and pay monthly like many of us have for a long time is to temporarily use a VPN to mask your location. You then have to pick one of the available Qobuz countries to sign up in. If you speak only English then the UK is the logical location though one part of Ireland is also an option. If you speak one of the other languages then use that country. Once you are signed up and are a subscriber disable the VPN service and log in on your normal device just like Tidal. If you just want to use the 30 day trial then use one of the links provided previously for the trial codes. This takes ten minutes total and is not difficult. You will however be paying at the currency rate for the country you sign up with which is roughly five dollars more with the conversion rate from pounds to dollars. Otherwise you can just wait until after the first of the year. If you do use the VPN and subscribe now you will have to convert your account to a US one with Customer Service at a later date.


Temp me, what are the features of Qobuz that you like? Also, I am having a little trouble finding a 25’ USB A/B cable that will pass Hi Res to my Stellar Preamp; any recommendations? 10’ lengths work fine but I want to connect from my work desk. I don’t want to buy anymore Hi Res if the cable buzz is louder than the program.


Kinda don’t follow any of that, sorry, bud. I can’t give any judgements with regard to Qobuz at this early stage in the game, but it is the only service I’m aware of that is providing ACTUAL high Res to my DSJ (which is reflecting the sample and bit rates shown in the app) vs. Tidal, which is mostly flac of various flavors.


Thank you I will keep following this thread.


Qobuz was only 9.99/mo hi rez


Yeah, pretty sure they didn’t claim that.


My initial impression vs. Tidal - after a few hours - is that different material/resolutions sound WAY more different from one another on Qobuz, which I suppose is an endorsement in itself. Or it may have to do with the greater differences between the source material vs. Tidal. I’m sure there are others here who can opine more knowledgeably on this subject than I can.

I’ve been listening to Tidal via Roon for a couple of years, which I was aware was sort of a filter through another filter, so to speak, though the happy bit was that everything was sort of Averaged, and so very few things caused you to have to make adjustments to your levels or subs or whathaveyou.


wijber was referring to the VPN Service, I thought Qobuz


I don’t use Roon so I don’t how it affects the sound but I have listened to them both now for over a year and a half using the individual streamers native software including the Bridge II, Lumin, Auralic and Sonica. Through all of the I find the sound quality of Qobuz to be superior to Tidal using the same tracks and resolution whether it be between standard FLAC content or the MQA vs Hi-Res content. With all of the listed streamers the Tidal content has an edginess to it that becomes grating over an extended period of time. The Qobuz stream is more relaxed. I have had my wife listen to the same track comparisons and she came to the same conclusion.


Don’t doubt it for a minute. Thanks. I’ve had folks I respect tell me that when Qobuz gets to the US it is going to be a very serious issue for Tidal, etc.

Roon has generally been considered to be iffy at best, sonically. I have other means of playback so that if my primary concern is the best SQ, Roon is not what I use. It is, however, a fabulous interface, which has required less thinking on my part (which is what I want from an interface) than any other I’ve tried.


Streaming both Tidal (mqa) and Qobuz (HiRes) for years i prefer the Qobuz web-/app- interface (GUI) and SQ wise i concur with Paul…


I just signed up for Qobuz today and loving what I’m hearing so far! I currently use Tidal with Roon and really like the ease of use and content delivered by Roon. I hope Roon will work with Qobuz in the future!


Great instructions! Cheers!

It was easy to set up and sign up. All up and running on Qobuz. Comparing to Tidal running on Roon via Bridge II with Qobuz on USB is quite apparent, so far. Not passing any pronouncements yet, and certainly no apples to apples comparisons, but still, I have to say there’s a dynamism to Qobuz I am really liking so far.


Qobuz is available in the US now? What streaming plan are you on if you don’t mind me asking? I’m in Canada but it is not available here just yet but I was able to sign up for a free trial but it is only streaming in MP3.


Not yet available I’m the US. Last I read it’s slated for 2019. Get yourself a VPN connection to the UK and you can sign up.