Quesiton: for the money, which one would yield a bigger improvement?

If I’m buying another pair of new speaker, it would be in a new house and a much better suited space than I currently have. Also, if I don’t get the power question out of the way, there will always be that:“what if…” you know what I mean? haha


So I went above and beyond and bought a P15, and it’s arriving in two days, now my question is, should I still be worrying about all the power cords of my gear or just one very good one for the P15, thanks!


wudai_e Yeeehaaw now that P15 is quite the upgrade…

Personally having gone from P12 to P15…overall sq is
upgraded over P12; and P12 is no slouch it is a wonderful piece.

Your Kanta 2s will appreciate and respond so well to clean power,
taking them to a whole new level…

Once in use…consider power cord upgrades from wall to P15 and from
P15 to amps and sources…great gains to be had there as well.

Often times have contemplated upgrading my Focal Aria 948s to
Kanta 2 or 3…My Aria 948s do so much of what you describe and look
for in speakers…yet so often my 948s reward me with so much of what you
listen for with the beyond amazing factor…would love to audition the Kanta 2 or 3 …

By going the P15 route you have cleared the path to upgrade
to Class A or AB amps with plenty of headroom left in the P15
or any other amp type you wish.

My P15 currently powers my entire system along with a Parasound
JC5 Class A first 12 watts/ channel then on to 400/ channel…

So congratulatons on your P15…your Kanta 2s will really appreciate that.

Best wishes


Nice job on the P15…I doubt that you’ll regret it :grin:

I know there are a lot of opinions on power cables, much of that backed by listening experience. I’ve got some too, and while I absolutely contend that power cables make an audible difference, I think the point of diminishing marginal returns arrives pretty quickly in this area. I’ve never seen the wisdom in spending half the price of a piece of equipment on it’s power cable. I won’t question whether or not it makes an improvement, because a better cable should perform better, but unless you have an unlimited budget, the money is probably better spent elsewhere in the system.

There’s an ad on Audiogon right now from a shop that still has PS Audio AC-12’s from back when they were a PS dealer, and they’re closing them out for 50% off original MSRP…Those would be a killer bargain. Also, I’ve had the big Pangea cables in my system at times, and I think they are an excellent cable for price vs. performance.

Right now, I’m running my P20 on an AQ Thunder, which I’m quite pleased with. I’ve read recently that some others have experienced a significant improvement going from the Thunder to the Hurricane on their regenerators, and I may or may not be scouting the used market for a 1 meter/20A Hurricane, just to try for myself… :grin:


I concur!

Thanks for the kind words davida,

If I had the Aria 948s and like the sound, I’d hold off until I can get a better house/room. Starting last year, I overhauled my music system with a “buy once and cry once” approach, hence the Kanta 2s(I had KEF LS50s). Going from the KEF to the Focals is an big upgrade, but it really makes me realized my room is the most limiting factor which I cannot change for the foreseeable future.

Just have my P15 in the system and running 3 hrs now, some very interesting findings so far, but won’t say too much till I believe the unit is fully burned-in, def a keeper, had some funny interactions with my subwoofers when I powered up my entire unit, I wasn’t impressed with the improvement until I flipped the phases of all 3 of my subs…

Seems like I have some dirty power from my system socket:

Anyone here can elaborate what multiwave is doing behind the scenes? I find it changes the sound stage quite a bit, going higher makes my sound stage deeper but the imagining is a bit more diffused. Sinwave makes everything more forward and in focus…

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Nice cords! In the mean time, I can only afford the Aliexpress Hack Cords route :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hey Wudai_e

I’m thinking that \multiwave adds multiple sinewaves and that the strength of these can be varied,
1 the lowest and 6 being the highest strength.

What the multi wave will do is to enable a faster recharging of the power supply caps
and provide a more robust sound.

On the settings screen you can see the thd damaged sinewave and scrolling past
that one there is a regenerated sine wave. The regenerated sine waves will have
a smooth rounded top and bottom portion of the sine wave. The multi wave
will have a thicker rounded top and bottom to the sine wave…

PaulCEO PS Audio

Jun '18

Yes, Ted and Elk are correct. The simplest way to think of MultiWave is a means of extending the peak charging time - the time the sine wave remains at its peak - as Elk was showing. That should act as if the power supply has more capacitors because there will (or should) be less ripple since the capacitors are able to charge more.

Not every product sounds better with more power supply capacitors. And remember, there are very few “rules” for high-end audio performance. We’re trying to second guess your equipment’s designer as well as adjust the synergy within your system.

I hope this helps give you an idea of sine vs multi wave…

Best wishes

Woah there…did I see a Pangea power cord in there? What are you
powering with it? Which version is it? All my pc are Pangea
and can’t say enough for them.

While my Aria 948s deliver the wow factor…in my thinking there is
always better ahead…

What I like so much about my Arias is their sensitivity to slightest changes in
the system… quick to show better or not so good with regards to changes.

Soundstage rendering is truly amazing…my room is L shaped 15’ x 25’ with a
slight rise of the ceiling up toward my listening position then sloping down to
it’s original height of 8’…

Thanks for sharing

Best wishes

Yes, it’s their least expensive line. Before I hooked up my P15, most of my component are hooked up via Pangea, trying those silver cables from Aliexpress and see if they make any difference, so far I can’t say either way, guess time will tell.

My room is also L shaped about the same size as yours but flat ceiling. System is at the corner side facing one end of the L. What I can say about my Kantas and my room is it’s lot more refined on the top end, and more coherent at the bottom and everything is more refined by 40% compared to my KEF. The scale, depth of the sound stage didn’t really change much. But if I had bothered with really setting up the KEFs well on better stands… who knows? Maybe it’ll get to 90% of what the Kantas are capable of…

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Perhaps the hardest part of it all is "waltzing the speakers around the room
untill you find the happy point.

My Arias are placed 8’ out into the room about 4.5± toed in to a point behind
my listening point 18". They are also tilted back about 2 degrees.

When my Arias arrived on palette and wrapped the RL carrier driver removed them
from the palette and placed them in my screen room. Great service!!!
A friend drove some 70 miles to help me set them up as my lower back has been
very challenged

The Arias are using the factory spikes on a large cutting board serving as a
plinth to enable “sliding” them around on the carpeted floor and still retain the decoupling effect.

If you care to continue power cable exploring you might venture to:
The biggest bang value for your $$$$$ are the Pangea 9SE MKIIs and the
14SE MKIIs they are a significant upgrade over the base Pangea.

Appreciate your feedback…

Best wishes


Will definitely checking our the Pangea 9SE MKIIs, Thanks for pointing them out.

It took me two half days to set up the Kantas, it involved ruler, lasers and bubble levels for turntables, when they clicked with the room, they really filled the entire floor, not just the room. If you don’t hear any hint of graininess from your Arias, I would dare to suggest not to rush to an expensive upgrade.

The smoothness of the Kantas is the biggest improvement from my KEFs for my ears.

Thanks for sharing too


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Lasers bubble levels…sit and listen more lasers, toe in, bubble levels
tiltback…the whole kaboodle and dance…the results are very

Did 1 major upgrade which in time will share…(burn in time)
but as of now has apparently lifted my system even more…

Best wishes friend

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Ooops forgot…with gear powered up no music playing…press
the clean button twice …this will give you a full 60 secong
cleaning function amazingly the power supply transformers…

Clean wave acts as a degausser …doing so yields better detail
definintion and bass…

I run clean wave at the start of each session…and now I am spoiled…
(Uncle Paul’s doing you know :innocent:)

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