Question about feeding an OpticalRendu

I’ve been very content with my streaming setup: Roon Nucleus+ through etherRegen reversed, an OpticalRendu, Matrix X SPDIF to the DSD Sr., with other boxes and bits along the way.

I’m wondering, though, what else could feed the OpticalRendu, if anything?

Let’s say the Nucleus+ took a dive one day; how else could I get a stream out to the stack, and what hardware would be necessary?

What if Roon went out? What then? How would I play, say, Qobuz from a MacBook out to the system?

Clearly I could get a spinner to cover any potential downtime, but the high cost, limited shelf space, and infrequent use makes that not very worthwhile.

There are several apps that can run on the oR. Look at it’s Setup and then Apps. You should be able to discern from there a format you can use to stream to it.

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Thanks @vkennedy61 I’ll look into that. I didn’t recall such a setup from when I first installed it.

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You can switch to MPD/DLNA and run JRiver or Audirvana, etc. I switch back and forth (DLNA to Roon and back) all the time. JRiver for my collection and Roon/Qobuz for streaming. I switch back and forth 1/2 dozen times during a weekend of listening. Takes about 15 seconds to make the software switch.

Oops, sorry, not with a nucleus, you would need another networked computer to run DLNA.