Question for Roon & Qobuz users

The answer to this is wait a little while for MQA to go bust and this confusion will disappear.

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Totally disagree. Besides why, if one doesn’t like it don’t listen to it.

Never have, never will, but seems to have caused some confusion here. As my system is non-MQA, it was fairly quick and easy to see that Roon was limiting PCM HD to one format. 2L seem to be the only label supplying Qobuz with more than one PCM HD format. Seems a bit excessive.

Sorry but I must be missing something. What confusion? In Roon you have the option to play MQA or non-MQA music. If your system doesn’t support MQA or you don’t want to listen to MQA music, don’t. You have total control over it.

The issue was two different HD files in Qobuz OSX but not in Qobuz via Roon. As my system is non-MQA, non-tweak (no SDPIF converters etc.) and non-DSD for that matter, it was easy to see this was an issue with several 2L issues, provided in Qobuz OSX in 24/48 and also either 24/176 or 24/192. I looked at three and Roon were only providing the 24/48 copies (together with 16/44). Clearly Roon are only providing one PCM HD version.

Whether they also provide MQA, I don’t know (and don’t care).

p.s. Now listening to glorious 16/44 CD rip, sounds wonderful, an album not available online in any format.

I think what you are seeing is music you are looking for isn’t available but in certain formats from Qobuz. That isn’t a Roon issue.

Also same album Tidal:

I think it’s Qobuz who’s not providing it. Roon’s just the messenger in this case.

Above, as someone screenshotted, Qobuz is making the Hi-Res version available only via download. (Which is a higher subscription tier.) So I don’t believe Roon can source it. It appears that Tidal makes the Hi-Res stream available, but Qobuz does not.

The 24/96 version your Roon is picking up in Roon is not in Qobuz. You are probably picking it up in Tidal or the other service shown (don’t know what it is).

Running Roon only with Qobuz, it seems to be showing only one of the PCM HD versions in Qobuz’s own library.

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I can stream the 24/192 version on Qobuz via Roon.

sorry, i meant for those specific albums mentioned above (on that label, perhaps).

“Polarity” & “Quiet Winter Night”

Other stuff, yep, no problem.

I can stream both 24/48 and 24/176 versions from Qobuz OSX, via Devialet Air rather than Roon.

Via Roon, the 24/176 version is not present.

yep, exactly.

Edit. Oops, I didn’t mean that. For me, it’s only available for download in Qobuz OSX.

If I look at the actual stream (just right of center at the bottom), I see that it’s 16/44.1 only, even if I choose the Hi-Res stream.

(I have hi-res on qobuz, but not the sublime+ that allows downloads.)

Exactly what?

I’m on Qobuz Sublime+, I can play multiple HD PCM versions in Qobuz OSX, but in Roon I lose the higher of the two HD files.

So clearly the Roon implementation of Qobuz is losing the file.

If you look at both screenshots you will see in the first one I am showing you the different albums from Qobuz. The top left corner of each album shows you the Qobuz image. The second screenshot is showing the albums from Tidal. Again look at the top left of each album. I actually have two ripped copies also in my libraries which you can see below.

So as you can see I am getting 3 different version from Qobuz, 3 different from Tidal, and 1 from HD Tracks which I purchased and 1 from my CD that I ripped.

It looks like Qobuz will only allow streaming the CD quality version of that album via the OSX App, the Qobuz web player, and Roon. The 24/176 version is only available via your Sublime+ plan when you purchase and download it. Then you could make it available to Roon.

This is not true. I could play the 24/176 version in Qobuz and have not purchased it.

I can see what is happening, as my observation was consistent for all the 2L albums I looked at, but it is possible that the Qobuz library is different in different territories, so am commenting no further.

Plus, that version of Strange Fruit (the first track on new moon daughter) was so awful, Nina Simone and Billie Holliday would be rolling in their graves.

It may be territory or hardware related. As I said earlier the 24/176 version is only available as a download to me in the USA. There are only 16/44 or 24/48 versions to stream in the Studio subscription level.


That may be true. Where are you located? In the screenshot you posted above, it says the 176/24 version is only available for download for you too though, and you are streaming that “revamp” track at CD quality. I’m in the US and I see the same two versions you do, but when I play a track from the 176/24 version, it only streams at CD quality like your screenshot above.


Fair enough. To be honest, I’ve been using Qobuz for about 6 or 7 years and am on Sublime+ from the days when people bought a lot of downloads, but I will be going to the slightly cheaper service in May. My understanding is that the bit depth is the thing that is likely to result in increased dynamics. If fairly easy about HD, listen to plenty of 16/44, I don’t get hung up about different sampling rates. I can’t say I can hear the difference.