Question regarding analog inputs of the NuWave Phono Converter

Can I use the analog inputs of the NPC to feed my DS Dac using the i2s outputs? Thinking of feeding the NPC with the analog output of my OPPO but I don’t want to start moving cables around until I know it can be done.

The simple and mean answer is no, you can’t use analog inputs to feed a DAC. You use the inputs to feed the NPC. If you mean can you feed the input of the NPC from another source then can you send that signal to your DAC. Yes, that you can do. Just as you can feed your DAC with a turntable hooked up to the NPC you can also use say, a Tuner hooked up to the Analog inputs. Or a Tape Deck. Or a streamer… etc.

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So the NPC would be able to receive the analog input from the OPPO and then send to the DAC through the i2s?

Why wouldn’t you just use the digital output straight from the Oppo? Seems to be a waste to convert the digital signal twice…

I know it sounds odd, but digital outs will not work with SACDs and I am also trying to work the OPPO into my headphone amp setup.

A slightly odd setup, but yes, it’ll be able to work in the way you described.

Thank you. I appreciate the “slightly” :grin:

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There is another thread on getting Oppo digital output to the DS you may wish to look over:

Disregard - I see you’ve posted in that thread, too. My apologies.

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