Using i2s port for conventional HDMI playback

Having a memory player, I’m not concerned about dsd playback. I would like use my oppo 105 for DVDs and bluray playbacks connected to my ds Dac via the i2s port using a non i2s cable. Is this possible, if so, would HDMI to i2s pathway yield as good of results as the other digital inputs? Thanks

Not possible. HDMI and I2S are different electrical protocols. Just use the SPDIF output from the Oppo to the DS DAC, you’ll be fine.

If I use the oppo digital outputs, would I then using the oppo saber Dac to run its output to ds Dac? If that’s the case any benefit of the extra “refinement” of running the sabre output into the ds Dac?

The output of the Oppo’s DAC is analog by definition.
The DS DAC will accept digital signals only.

If you use the digital output of the Oppo you will be bypassing the internal (Saber) DAC. As ST50maint says you can’t input an analog signal into the DS, so you either use the analog output of the Oppo into your preamp or the digital output of the Oppo into another DAC, which in turn, goes into your preamp (or optionally direct to the amp if the DAC is a DS). Using the DS as your DAC is a much better choice than the (internal) Saber DAC of the Oppo. Of course, “better” comes at a significant price.