Quicksilver Interconnects

In case anyone is interested. I purchased 2 sets Quicksilver Audio interconnects and replaced my Anti-Cables.

First off, all the talk Ive heard about silver dampening bass…Ive heard no degradation of bass.

Secondly, all the talk Ive heard about silver RCAs sounding bad until a 1,000 hr break-in…Mine have sounded fantastic at the first moment and I am a firm believer in component break-in.

In comparison to the Anti-Cable RCA’s, I would say maybe an 4-8% improvement in instrument separation and texture and I have always considered the Anti-Cables to sound great, especially at their earlier pricing, i.e. when they first started out.

Although the difference was not night and day, and I wouldn’t expect that, I no longer have that nagging question in the back of my mind, “what if I go silver RCA?”


Way to go, Tony; I too have never heard silver-conductor cables sound ‘bad’ in ANY way, and I’ve made it a point to have lots of silver conductors in my system, including two long pieces of AQ’s all-silver Dragon balanced IC… I’m about to commission Sonic Craft to build some all-silver speakercable using Mundorf’s Silver/gold wire with Cardas solid-silver spades.

And adressing one of my (many?) petpeeves about written observations on component differences, your note was just right (IMO, of course) on the degrees of differences observed… FAR too many listeners speak in gross superlatives when describing differences–such as ‘night and day’, ‘black and white’, and my unfavorite, ‘totally different’–when describing differences that most audiofiles can’t hear.

I’m not a real GEA in that I can’t characterize small differences early… I find differences more audible when I remove the new stuff and reinstall the old stuff… Then I think something like ‘wow, that new stuff really does sound better’… Occasionally I have a big moment–one described here…

…when it all comes together and overwhelms me.

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