What A Difference A Wire Makes

While I’ve had a highly resolving system for more than ten years now, I’ve only added exotic cables begrudgingly. They’re of course expensive and to my thinking, only offer improvements in the single digits of percentages. So, a Moon Audio Silver Dragon SPDIF coax and Audience Ohno Single ended interconnects and Mogami Gold XLR balanced were good enough. For speaker cables, until today 12ga oxygen free copper with stinger banana plugs were also good enough.

In anticipation of replacing my Focal Chorus 807V speakers in the next month, I finally broke down and bought Audience Ohno XLR, SPDIF Coax, and speaker cables. Luckily, most of it was significantly discounted as “Show Samples”(30% off) at thecableco.com. I honestly thought I’d have to listen for hours to hear a slight improvement here and there in some favorite songs but no. From the first song(DeBussy Suite Bergamasque) onward there was this wonderful black background and a huge increase in detail that was clearly present in every song I played. I’m embarrassed now. In this context at least, the change was akin to buying a new component, like a DAC or an Amp. I can’t believe cabling can have THIS much impact on the sound quality.

The system consists of an Allo Digione Signature streamer, a Chord 2Qute DAC, a PS Audio GDAC(preamp only) and a Bel Canto REF500S amp.


Welcome to the dark side. :sunglasses:

Cables absolutely make a difference but not always for the better. Cables for the most part are system dependent. I have a full loom of Wireworld cables that work well with my system.



I’m a fan of The Cable Company and their lending library. Great way to audition cables to see what works best with your system before committing.

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Congrats!! It’s always great when you get this type of move in sound. I just bought an expensive hdmi for my incoming matrix. So I’ll see if I’m really smart or stupid in the next ten days or so!!

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I had recently purchased a half meter length Wireworld Silver Starlight 7 USB (A to B) cable to go between my music server and DAC. (Now a DSjr). I was fine with it but it was just barely long enough to get the job done. Then I found someone selling a demo Wireworld Platinum Starlight 7 one meter cable at a great price. Well that should work I thought. But like you say, from the very first notes of the very first song I played with the new cable I heard a quite surprising difference. It’s one step up but what a leap in sound!
Those Cable Company guys have my attention as well. (Yikes!)

But what makes me crazy is I use the test files provided by PS Audio to test if my server is serving up “Bit Perfect” data and sure enough, it is. And yet the system sound is different with the new cable vs. the old cable, and different again via the bridge. So data isn’t data until its colored by the cable I guess.