RCA>XLR any worth?

whats up with these cables.
Unbalanced to balance
Are they functional or just fluff?
Why would anyone use.?
For example my preamp doesnt have XLR connections but ps audio recommends using XLR for M1200…any utility in using these RCA>XLR? Or just stick with RCA?
Thank you

There is no benefit in using RCA → XLR or XLR → RCA adapters.

You cannot turn an unbalanced signal into balanced with an adapter.


Figured…thank you

In my experience, PS Audio sounds best with balanced connections between PS Audio products.
I have a non-PS music player with RCA outputs to my PS preamp, then balanced from PS pre to PS power amps. If you have rca, then stick with rca versus a conversion cable.

Some sources only have RCA / unbalanced / SE output and some devices only have XLR / balanced input (Benchmark, Hypex NCore, etc.). These cables or adapters allow interconnection between the two.

There are devices that will convert from unbalanced to balanced/differential, e.g. DVA R2X.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. And XLR vs. RCA for short runs is inconsequential.