Xlr balanced cables

I’ve never used a balanced component but now I have a balanced preamp (Marantz AV8802A) and I’m soon to own a PS AUDIO Stellar amp.

I’ve been using MIT single ended interconnects for years and have been very pleased. Now that I have a balanced option, I need to purchase balanced cables. At what level of finance is it necessary to go to get the benefits of a balanced system?

In my opinion you don’t need to spend as much on balanced cables to get the same level of performance as with single ended. But still auditioning before you buy will avoid surprises.

Welcome, drewmb1!

I suggest simply using your SE cables to start. Learn the sound of the sytem and then play with balanced if you would like. Balanced do not automatically sound better, although they may. Like in all things audio, try it and see what is best for you.

Elks’s advice is sound. Furthermore, if the Stellar components are anything like their big brothers, they will need a long breakin period. So don’t try to evaluate cables until you are sure that the amp has settled down. Also, many find that balanced cables provide more benefit with long runs. If your amp lives some distance from your other components, you may hear more difference than if the pre and power amp are in the same rack.

good balanced cables are mogami gold for mic,s . not saying se is not good but they do vary and can add noise where a balance cables doe snot and helps . just a thought .

I myself have been using MG Audio Design interconnects, both single ended and ballanced. I learned about them from a review appearing in TAS by Arnie nudell. At first, although I learned that they only went for $1600 for a onre meter pair, that was still too much for me. But I learned that I could order a half meter pair for as little as $900. Supposidly they can compete with the “big boys” but I myself have no way of knowing for comparison. I do know that they are far superior to Audience Au24se models.

Ted’s right, I think, though I am the first to admit that it can be very difficult to audition enough cables to satisfy both one’s curiosity, as well as one’s sense of some scientific method. Dealer systems are rarely “your system,” and even more rarely are likely to have similar power and signal characteristics. Even with cable vendors willing to demo cables, it can be a tedious process. I finally stopped after auditioning Belden ICONOCLAST cables. I also like MG Audio Design very much. I heard about them from Paul, and I believe they are even featured in a couple of pics of BHK equipment. I have a couple of their Planus AG2/II balanced ICs. Very nice. On a lower budget, I think Cerious graphene and Luminous ICs are also quite good. Lots of good choices out there. Try not to drive yourself too crazy exploring them.

Anyone tried/have comment about Zu Audio Event XLR interconnects?

I’m looking at replacing my mix of microphone cable interconnects between the DS-Snr, BHK pre and BHK-mono’s - I need 2pr *5ft + 1pr * 25ft.

I am seriously considering all Belden Iconoclast TPC however the set incl. exchange rates, shipping and taxes will come in between AUD 8K-8.5K .

MG Audio AG1/2, Cu2 or Kimber Kable Select range would be similar or more expensive.

The Australian distributor says that Zu Event XLR is his preferred interconnect cable - if I have done my sums right the above lengths would be around AUD 5K - a considerable saving.

I agree with Ted Smith on not having to spend a lot on balanced cables to get a big bang for the buck. I decided to experiment with bypassing my preamp and just going directly from my DS DAC to amplifier using the Pangea True Balanced XLR to XLR cables (less than $100)…so far, so good.