WiFi Receiver for Sprout


this is my first post here so I’d like to say hello to the community!

I tried to search for similar topics but I still have some doubts in finding alternatives for a WiFi receiver for my Sprout.

I have somehow found three possibilities here, but I’d like to squeeze all the quality from this system and your suggestions are precious, since I’m pretty sure you’re much more skilled than me here :slight_smile:

These are the options:

  1. Using my Apple TV (v3) using a the TOSLINK to COAX converter
  2. Using a Pure Jongo A2 which should bypass internal DAC when connected with its Coaxial Output
  3. Using a Sonos Connect
The first is the easiest (yet not the cheapest 50-60$), and I think it should work seamlessly.

The second option, being based on a discontinued product, is today very cheap (30$) but risky, since Pure will not support it anymore.

The Sonos connect is a rock solid solution, but comes with a pack of features I’d barely use and costs very close to the Sprout itself… So I’m very confused here… Any feedback on this?



Welcome to the forums.

I know nothing of the Jongo and so haven’t an opinion. However, I am familiar with Sonos and that would be my choice.

Welcome, Paolo!

+1 on the welcome. I think you’ll love your Sprout.

Thank you all!

I think I’ll go with the Sonos option.


Just a quick update in order to share my experience.

I’ve been listening both Sonos Connect and Arcam rPlay for almost one month.

I decided to return the Sonos and switched to the Arcam.

Sonos is a better integrated solution, rock solid and and offers a strong eco-system.

Anyway I found it somehow too “closed”, maybe because I do not own any Sonos’ speaker or need a multi room solution… Also it allows 44/16 streaming only.

On the other side, at almost the same price I found this product by Arcam which is solid as a tank and features a better DAC, with 24/192 capabilities. It can be driven with both Airplay and PlayFi technology. PlayFi allows 24/192 native WiFi streaming.

I have only few HiRes files, but it is cool to have the option to play them since I’m planning to buy more in the future.

The app is still rough compared to Sonos and connection not so easy to install, but it sounds damn better paired with my Sprout.

Sonos Connect


  • Simple stupid setup
  • Solid system, solid app and technology
  • Sounds very good
  • All common output connection supported (Coaxial, Toslink and RCA)
  • Only 44/16 (up to 24/192 via macOS Vox APP but I suspect with downsample...)
  • Plex Media Server is still in beta
Arcam rPlay


  • Tank build (all metal) and better components (DAC and board design)
  • Much more agnostic approach
  • Allows both AirPlay and PlayFi (with up to 24/192 streaming)
  • Sounds better with my Sprout
  • Works like a charm with Plex Media Server(*)
  • PlayFi is young compared to Sonos
  • Tricky App, but developers are very open.
  • Fixed digital out (PlayFi developers told me they'll implement a digital volume control option)
  • Only SPDIF Coaxial Out as digital option
So if you're searching for an hi-quality solution to exalt your Sprout my suggestion is the Arcam rPlay.

These my two cents! laugh

(*) Plex App streams up to 48/16 only via AirPlay, but you can connect the PlayFi APP to the DLNA Plex service and stream pure 24/192 stuff