Streamers and Sprout

What streamers are you using with Sprout? MicroRendu? Aries? BeagleBone Black? Raspberry Pi?

I use a BeagleBone Black and prefer it over a direct connection to my Mac Mini. Just sounds better to my ears. Don’t ask me why.


I was just searching for this exact same information. smile

My Sprout is currently connected via USB to my mid-2011 Mac Mini, which is also running as my Roon Core. But I’m planning to move Roon Core to my home-built Linux server that also houses all of my media files and using just a dedicated Roon endpoint to drive USB to the Sprout.

I have an old Raspberry Pi kicking around that I might try to use or possibly pick up something newer to connect to the Sprout.


I use the Sprouts onboard DAC with my Sonos. The Sonos can’t handle files better then 16/44 so I built a Raspberry pi 3 with a Dragonfly Black USB DAC that I had into the Spouts analog ins. Using Runeaudio with great results to pull FLACs off my NAS. Sound is pretty nice, but the Dragonfly DAC seems a little warmer then the Spouts DAC. Looking at add on DACs for the RPi now to see if there is much of a difference.

BTW, I first tried Volumio but it would not see my NAS, where RA was a breeze.