Recommendation for inexpensive phono preamp

As I wait for my Stellar Phono to arrive, I’ve been using a Schiit Mani preamp that is so good, beyond it’s $129. price, that it deserves to be mentioned, if not raved about.
The SQ, separation, etc are excellent. And did I mention the $129?
Nice when a product so exceeds expectations.


That’s crazy, I put $78 worth of gas in my truck earlier! Schiit has really carved out a market for themselves.

That said, you’ll be stunned at the difference when you wire up the SPP

My budget phono pre is the Channel Islands PEQ-1mkii @$900 you can up the game adding the separate power supply @$300. Just a killer little pre, Mikey did a review a while back. I still plug it from time to time, great spare and loaner to friends

Great topic


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I got a great deal on a turntable; I know a guy!
And my Sumiko Blackbird is singing sweetly right now. What fun!

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You might try the Mobile Fidelity StudioPhono phonostage. It works well and sells for $350. I use it with my George Merrill PolyTable, Ortofon Quintet MC Blue cartridge and BHK Preamplifier.

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I ordered a SPP last Friday. I cannot beat the Mani price wise. However, I have a Lounge Audio MKIII. The original version is about $340.