Great tip for a low price tube preamp

Whilst my preamp is having a factory refurbishment, I put my little Schiit Valhalla tube headphone amp/preamp into service. It’s another overachiever from Schiit. $349.
Admittedly, I have NOS Telefunken E88CC tubes in it and Iconoclast OCC RCA’s but still, for the price, you can’t go wrong. Great little box of music.


I’m a huge fan of Schitt.

I had the Lyr 2 headphone amp / pre which I traded in towards my PrimaLuna, but was an amazing piece of kit for the money.

Also have the Loki Tone Control which I actually have less use for as the PrimaLuna and new speakers just give so much more of a fuller sound. But again, for the money, it was a brilliant little piece of kit for those frustrating 80’s records with zero bass.


Lyr 3 / Bifrost 2 stack on my desktop. Good Schiit