Recommendation for "top level" digital XLR cable?

Streamer upgrade in the future, looking at bettering the XLR cable I have.

Any reccy’s, direct experience, online links to cable shoot-outs much appreciated.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Let me be the first of many that will recommenced trialing Belden Iconoclast

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*wrong info

To this day, my Kimber Kable Orchid AES/EBU cable has fended off all challengers.

I will try the Orchid and another pure silver AES cable by german manufacturer Habst in the near future, for now Apogee Wyde Eye is the best I have heard in my system. Cannot be beat at it’s price, IMO. But not easy to get.

Update: I’m considering giving the Iconoclast AES (version 1X4, in TPC copper) a try too, if the 30 day trial option is valid for Germany. That would be not as expensive as the before mentioned silver cables.

MTB_Vince, what length is your Orchid? Length seems to be important in digital cable connections and shorter is not necessarily better…

My Orchid AES/EBU cable measures 43" end-to-end. My Meridian multi-channel system makes use of a several triple runs of S/PDIF cable for Meridian’s proprietary MHR connections. For these I also run Chris Sommovigo cable designs in the recommended minimum 1.2m or longer lengths. One of the triple S/PDIF runs uses Kimber D-60 and the other Stereovox HV2.

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And my recommendation goes to Cerious Technologies Matrix digital xlr. Nominal length should be 1.5m for digital to reduce jitter.

Update again: said Iconoclast (1.5 m length) is in my system since yesterday. I would say, this is a dream come true for the purists (like me)! If you’re into “romanticism”, maybe not so much. So, if I will get in a romantic mood myself, I may temporarily switch back to my beloved Wyde Eye :grin: