Balanced Digital

Hey everyone. I have never used AES/EBU XLR but my new to me DAC is on it’s way and that’s the best it has. So what cable should I use to it? Under 700.00 please.

Triode Wire Labs

Or contact Cap at Audio Envy and have him make whatever length you need.

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+1 on the TRW Spirit 110. Have been running for over a year and love it.

I agree !!
Can’t go wrong dealing with Peter @ Triode Wire Labs.
I have ALL hi stop of their line Power Cords and his best XLR i/c’s
LOVE them and very reasonable
Tom - NJ

I had ArcticCable make me one with Van De Hull cable used in their cable, came out cheaper that way–I’d heard teh VDH cable in another system and was impressed. I’m quite happy.

Anyone know if there are any discount codes that work?

Not aware of any other than what might be given out at shows for first purchase.

New Record Day had one a while back

Don’t know very rarely watch any of his stuff. Did he do a loom review of the TWL stuff?

Anyone try the Anti-Cable balanced digital?

I popped on a new Wireworld Mini Platinum